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Here we are in Wyoming!

Jadon and I are in Wyoming. Jadon preached at Valley Evangelical Free Church on Sunday and it all went really well. We've had the chance to do a few things with Aaron and Molly which has been a blast. Tommorrow we leave for Nathaniel and Leann's wedding and then it's back to Wyoming for good. The pictures are of the church in Kemmerer and Pilot Butte, which is right outside of Rock Springs.

Packing and Pondering

The past two or three days have been a rollercoaster. Jadon and I are packing to move to Kemmerer Wyoming. We leave tommorrow on the 8th and there is still so much to do. I worked for a moving company and I never found myself trying to beat the clock. But here in my own house the list is endless and time is running out.
It's also a very emotional time. I'm totally excited to be going to Wyoming, but I'm also trying to say all of my last goodbyes here in Iowa. I never thought of myself as a sentimental person, but suddenly I'm thinking things like, "this is the last time I'll walk down this road" or "what if I never mop this floor again" or "I wonder if I'll miss the humidity" (no actually I've never thought that last one). Anyways all of a sudden I'm thinking about it and it is a little sad, but yet there is to much to do to even stop and dwell on any of those feelings. So I have a feeling that once we load the bud…