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summers taking over

it's finally summer in Wyoming - 75 degrees, cloudless skies, long trail runs and evenings spent sitting on the porch.  It also means blogging must take a backseat.  I've waited far to long for this beautiful weather to not spend every waking hour outside playing (I wish that was reality) or at least as much time as possible.  So, that being said my blogs may be very sporadic and few and far between. 

In the meantime go ahead a read about one major reason you need to visit Wyoming this summer
 - Oyster Ridge Music Festival & Burn Your Lungs 5K, 10K, and 1/2 Marathon

Utah Valley 1/2 Marathon recap (aka - blogging for sanity)

I'm feeling agitated today.  I'm in a "I ran big race yesterday, NOW WHAT?" kind of mood. It's my typically post race day mood but I never remember it's going to hit till it HITS!   

Yesterday I ran the Utah Valley 1/2 Marathon.  I had originally planned to run the full marathon but I haven't had time to train up to 26.2 miles. I figured it was better to crush the 1/2 Marathon rather than die trying to finish the  full Marathon. 

Jadon ran the Marathon and  even set a P.R. but he's not in the "NOW WHAT?"  mood.  He's hobbling around the house with sore legs, but fully enjoying the fact that today is a rest day.  I on the other hand feel sore, restless, irritated and lacking a goal.  I thrive on goals so this in not my favorite state to be in. 

However since it's part of the whole process I'm trying to take a chill pill and not stress about anything.  So in an attempt to do that I'm going to distract myself by reliving the race …

Flash-book Birthday

Consider this blog about my birthday weekend like a "flash-book"  You know those little books you used to make in grade school, here you would draw something at the bottom of every page and then when flipped through it, there was action.  You should be able to scroll down these pictures and feel like you've watched a video of my birthday weekend - well as least to some extent.  Some of it will still be dependent on your own imagination.

I'll give you the key themes to get started - We went to and Iron & Wine Concert, We went for 2 runs, We got Jamba Juice smoothies for breakfast, I got to sit in Starbucks and have "Audrey-Time" will I drank Tazo Tea, We did some shopping, Lunch was as Sage's Cafe....and that's about it.

Are you ready, here it goes, scroll fast.....

blender magic

the magic of smoothies is that...

I don't need a catchy title, it was all I could do to write the dang post

Blogging takes a lot of brain power, which I have been lacking in a major way. After studying all week and then taking my exam last Thursday my brain was officially fried.  I tried blogging a few times but ended up just staring at the scream with a blank face - having no clue what to type..  It's like I studied so hard that it made me stupid.  What's up with that?  Today I finally feel like there's a brain cell in my head and so I thought I'd give blogging another shot.

Lots has happened in the past week.  On Saturday Jadon and I drove down to Utah to run the Draper Trail Challenge.  We arrived a little too late and the race director was lining up runners while I was still putting my shoes on.  We did make it to the start in time luckily.   Jadon signed up to run the 15 mile run and I signed up to run the 7 mile course.  He's trained more than me lately and I wanted to end the race feeling GREAT, not like I'd just been run over by a truck.  The course was beaut…