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Moving the Boundary

It amazing how circumstances in life cause us to consider things we've never considered before. Before I went to college I never considered hanging all of my clothes to dry. When I wasn't married I never considered which side of the bed I really prefer sleeping on. Moving to Iowa forced me to consider putting twisty-ties on everything in the kitchen. "Stale" isn't a description in Iowa, it a enemy. Only living in Kemmerer, caused me to think of trips to Wal-mart as a date.

All that being said; injuring my knee has caused me to consider more than running. It's hard to admit but this week on more than one occasion I have seriously considered triathlons. Yeah that's swimming, biking and running I know, and I've always been anti "anything but running" However like I mentioned before, our circumstances force us to either widen our options or completely revamp our perspective. So just a little heads up, if I inform you that I've regist…

First Tanning of the Year

I remember when I was growing up my mom allows let me wear shorts once the temperature reached 50 degrees. I would walk to school in 40 degree weather because my mom knew that the temperature would reach 50 by the time school was out.

When I lived in Iowa I would recall that when it was 50 degrees and think "I was either crazy, My mom was crazy, or I was incredibly warm blooded" 50 degrees in Iowa is still winter coat weather. It's damp and cold and bone chilling.

Well, this week I came to discover that neither my mom nor myself are or were crazy. The past three days the temperature had been between 45 and 55 degrees and I've been wearing shorts and a tank top. In fact I laid out and tanned on all three days. It feels that warm. It's amazing how the high elevation and the dry air make it feel so much warmer. It feels more like 70 than 50 and I'm loving it.

So if you are in Iowa or Missouri or some other overly green, extra damp state - HA! HA! You are…

Quick Catch Up

It been way too long since I've blogged and I've got some catching up to do I know. Last week was a busy week and this week is turning out to be the same, but I've got to squeeze a blog in sometime so here it goes! short and sweet!

Last week I got my first massage, it was wonderful. Well almost wonderful, the masseuse worked on my knee and it was incredibly painful at the time, but it helped. I got a hour massage, but the masseuse said I was so tight that she could have worked on me for 3 hours. So I guess I'll just have to go back!

I found out that my right leg is 1/4 inch shorter than my left leg and it could be causing some of the problems with my knee. I'm getting an x-ray on Thursday to figure out the exact difference between the two and then I'll get an insert for my right shoe to fix the problem.

I biked 32 miles on Friday. It was our "long run" day, but my knee was hurting so I had to stick to the bike. My the time my knee heals I'm g…

Running Again!

For the last 10 weeks time passing has been marked by "long runs" or in my case "long workouts". Every week Jadon and I do a "long run" and up our mileage to prepare for the marathon. The last 3 weeks my "long runs" have actually just been "long workouts" since I haven't been able to run. I've biked, swam, and used the elliptical trainer.

Well yesterday marked a milestone. It was time for another "long run" and I was actually able to run 1/2 of it. I ran 6 miles! Yeehaw! Yeah, it was slow, but that doesn't matter, 6 miles is 6 miles when you haven't run for 3 weeks. I'm a little sore today, but not bad. I'm taking it slow but hopefully that was the first of many "long runs"!

Better Late Than Never

Jadon and I ran a half-marathon in Pinedale, WY in September and they just put the photos up on their website. So I know it's a little late but here they are anyways, and since I can't run yet I have to relive my glory days :-)