Wednesday, April 27, 2011

scrambling ahead of time so I don't have to catch up later

Cramming a 10 day schedule into 5 days feels a bit like a marathon, and the evening of the day five feels as long as the final 0.2 km.  Tomorrow Jadon and I leave to go to a conference till Saturday.  Then we'll be back home for Sunday and leave early Monday (I'm talking 3:00 a.m. early) to go visit his family in Kansas.

This is supposed to be a vacation but the irony of all vacations is that you have to bust your butt before you leave and then scramble to play catch-up when you arrive back home.  By the time the whole ordeal is over sometimes you feel like you need another vacation.  Hopefully that's not the case with this vacation because there is not another vacation scheduled on the calendar for a LONG time. 

Since this was my marathon week.  I'll give you a glimpse of all 26.2 miles of it.  True to all marathons, some miles were delightful, and some were pure torture. 

Mile 1:  Injinji socks came in the mail :-) I love them!!!

Mile 2: We discovered the brake pads on the Tahoe were non-existent! That ex-nayed driving 1.5 hours to workout with 2 clients. Boo!  :-( 

Mile 3: It's only day 2, but I feel entitled to a breakdown.  I'll leave you to imagine the details of that.

Mile 4: Give myself a pep talk and bust out an article to submit to the local paper for my column.  I hope it's good, it was written in a bit of a haze

Mile 5:  Sleep way too LITTLE & then wake up too EARLY to run.  Spend 15 minutes layering up for the 20 degree temp. Then run 1 measly & miserable mile & realize my head just isn't the right place to be trying to run.  So I spent 15 minutes getting ready, to only run for 1/2 that amount of time - can we say "lack of efficiency"

Mile 6:  It's time to forget everything I have to do and take care of  ME (so I don't go any crazier). That means 2 mugs full of French Press Coffee & 2 hours of reading & journaling.  I felt sane after that. 

Mile 7:  Design a killer workout & then use it to inflict pain on a client (she even pays for this)

Mile 8:  Set out on another morning run, only to discover that my new shoes, Asics Landreths seem to be the cause of my IT band flaring up.  No more Landreths, and time to lay off the running some. 

Mile 9:  Guess I'm headed to the pool.  Swam 3/4 mile ( 27 laps) one day and then swam 1/2 mile for time the next day: 18 laps in 15 minutes (feelin' good about that)

Mile 10:  In desperate need of being "pumped up" - time for a Body Rock workout with Jadon - I did the Nightmare 300 workout in my fastest time to date - 17:19 

Mile 11: 20 minute tanning session - I swore I'd never tan again, but winter has been TOO long and so I broke my word and laid in glorious heat for 20 minutes. 

Mile 12: Scramble to plan ahead for all my clients, I won't be there to torture them so I have to tell them how to torture themselves.

Mile 13:  Half way point - 1 good night's sleep...ahhhh...

Mile 14:  Decide to take both dogs for a run at the same time... Complete chaos.  Their leashes are connected & at one point Maya hog tied Mountie with the leash and the whole scenario made me laugh so hard that I started crying and had to stop running in order to catch my breath. 

Mile 15: Quick trip to Logan to get groceries.  The local grocery store is pricey and has HORRIBLE produce.  We have to make at least one trip a week out of town so that we don't starve. Usually it's Evanston or Park City, but Jadon and I both needed some new scenery

Mile 16: My 2nd "tank-top" run of the year in Logan, it felt glorious

Mile 17: Intense listening to Iron & Wine so that come June 3rd I can sing along to every song

Mile 18: 2 hours of Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace Class.  This happens once a week and every week I dread it.  I'm too ADD to sit through the thing, so I doodle like a 12 year old and make jokes about it to Jadon who is actually paying attention.  It really is great information, I'm just not a "class" kind of person.  Shoot, my first question before going to the theater to see a movie is, "How long is the movie?"  Longer than 2 hours and it's a big FAT NO!

Mile 19:  3 wonderful miles on a dirt trail in the Vibrams.  That's the farthest I gone in them so far and it felt amazing.  I saw lots of elk droppings but no elk, since my eyes had to be glued on the ground, I'm still a little tender footed.

Mile 20:  Jadon and I did speed cleaning.  I hate coming home from a trip to find a dirty house. 

Mile 21:  Major baking fest.  Friends are coming over for games & I'm using it as an opportunity to clean out the fridge.  I swear it's not like leftovers.  It's good stuff: brownies, guacamole, jalapeno poppers, veggies, banana bread, banana ice cream - see I'm treating them good.

Mile 22:  Get side tracked and spend way too much time reading blogs

Mile 23:  Vega Sport comes in the mail! WooHoo!!!

Mile 24: Hair-cut time - 2 hours of mindless talking with the AMAZING guy who cuts my hair.  It's more therapy than it is a hair-cut.

Mile 25:  STUDY STUDY STUDY for my NCFS Certification Exam

Mile 26: Plan, Pack, Plan, Pack, Plan, Pack, Plan, Pack! I hate forgetting something I really want

0.2 Miles left:  I gotta run home and take the Jalapeno Poppers out of the oven before they burn. A fun night with friends, followed by far too little sleep and then my marathon is over and I'M OUTTA HERE!

Saturday, April 23, 2011


Sometimes the things I hope for seem trivial (I HOPE the sun comes out today) , other times they seem insurmountable (I HOPE some one I love is completely healed)  I believe that God deeply cares about those little hopes and the massive hopes.  I don't think He ranks them like I do. 

In light of it being Easter weekend I was reading about HOPE.  After Jesus was crucified, HOPE was the only thing HIS follower had to cling to.  In much of life HOPE is all that I have to cling to as well.  As I read some verses about HOPE, 1 specific passage really stood out to me. 

Lamentations 3:20-24 says, "I will never forget this awful time, as I grieve over my loss.  Yet I still dare to HOPE when I remember this: The unfailing love of the Lord never ends! By His mercies we have been kept from complete destruction. Great is His faithfulness, His mercies begin fresh each day.  I say to myself, 'The Lord is my inheritance, therefore I will HOPE in Him.'"

We all have those "awful times" of great loss & yet we can still HOPE because we have a God who rose from the dead on the third day! 

Have Hope & Happy Easter!

Friday, April 22, 2011

my late night laugh-fest

I told you I would post a video of the dogs eating seaweed & here it is!  A picture never does a sunset justice you have to see it in person.  Likewise, a video does not do the hilarity of this justice.  But just go along with me and laugh a little.  Also note my awesome wallpaper.  I know it's amazing but I can't take credit for it.  The landlord had it put in 200 years ago and I just get the pleasure of living with it :-)


p.s. Maya & Mountie are not vegetarian but I'm trying to convert them.  Their current status is Flexitarian.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

"when I'm feeling sad, I simply remember a few of my favorite things & then I don't feel so bad."

I don't care for rain drops on roses or whiskers on kittens.  In all honesty I dislike the rain, flowers seem pointless to me and I'm more of a dog person.  However this has been a "when the dog bites, when the bee stings sort of day and week" and so remembering a few of my favorite things is just what I need. I think I'll take Julie Andrews' advice.

One of my most favorite things is French Press coffee. It's perfect!   My husband and I oooo & ahhhh over our coffee every morning.  You'd think it was something we didn't get to drink every morning.

I love sarcasm & dry humor.  Don't give me any of that class clown kind of humor.  I want to hear the rough tough cowboy utter a few choice words that perfectly fit the occasion.

Oh that note, I love "The Office" - thank you NBC for gracing the viewing world with a hefty dose of sarcasm and dry humor. 

Laughing at our 2 huskies is a all-time favorite.  When I'm in need of a good laugh I feed them seaweed for sushi rolls.  Watching them try and eat the stuff kills me.  I laugh till my stomach aches.  I promise I'll video tape it next time and dedicate a whole post to it. I guarantee it'll have you rolling as well. 

I SUPER LOVE new music! Every now and then Jadon downloads a new album and puts it on my shuffle as a surprise and it totally makes my day, week, possible year :-)  Of course it has to be a genre of music I enjoy.  I new album of country music just wouldn't quite cut it.  A little hip-hop is like cat-nip though. 

If you know me at all, you know that RUNNING is not just a favorite, it's more like an addiction - a good one!  I can't imagine ever stopping.  If I could choose anything to do - I would choose a perfect run: Sunny 68 degrees, slight breeze, on a mountain trail, with Jadon, new music on my shuffle, no IT band issues, no stomach issues, 9 miles of bliss!

Along with running, I love racing. I've always wanted to be first. I even beat my twin brother out the door on my "birthday"

Confession, I have a love affair with Sunshine!  No joke! I swoon on beautiful summer days full of sunshine.  Don't worry Jadon is ok with this.  He even buys me magazines and diet coke to accompany me as I lay in the sun and get my fix. 

I thoroughly enjoy weight lifting.  It's not something I do a lot of because I quickly turn hulk-ish if I do. I typically stick to body-weight strength training but every now and then I do some serious weight lifting and it makes me feel better darn good!

Did I mention I'm competitive?  Well I am and therefore winning at anything is major FAVORITE

I LOVE PEOPLE - I love watching them.  I love interacting with them. I love all the different characters God placed on this earth.  I love discovering what makes different people tick.  I love seeing people excel and succeed and love themselves. I also love giving people nicknames.  I can't tell you who they belong too but a few favorites are, "Ladies Home Journal", "Three 6 Mafia", "Philbert", T-Pain", "Earth-Child" & "Rain Man"  Can't you just picture them?

Once final MAJOR-FAV is Jadon! I like him a lot a lot!  I guess it's a good thing I married him - huh?

Well, as the song says, "Now I don't feel so bad" 

Time to go feed the dogs some seaweed.  Later!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Alanis Morisette shoud sing about Iron & Wine

You know that song "Ironic" my Alanis Morisette; well she's right!  Someone I know very closely used to think the lyrics of that song were, "It's like Reddi-Eggs on your wedding day" instead of "It's like rain, on  your wedding day." - that cracks me up!!!  If Alanis had played her cards better she could have been paid some big bucks to endorse Egg-Beaters....but who would have thought, it figures!

On that note I have my own lyric I want to add to the song.  It goes like this, "It's like getting Iron & Wine Tickets just a few days after you casually mentioned it was a concert you'd LOVE to go to!" (Ya, it's hard to sing, I know.  I tried it a few times)  Alanis, if you can't pull it off I understand.

It's Ironic don't you think that just 2 days ago Jadon and I were listening to Iron & Wine's new album and I said, "Man, I would LOVE to go to his concert"  And then today Jadon announces that we can go see them the night before my birthday!  Since the "birthday timing thing" was obviously a sign, we immediately ordered 2 tickets for June 3rd!   And so now it's ironic that I'm 27 and I'm acting like a 5 year old and counting down the days till my birthday, don't ya think?

Here's the sweet t-shirt I'll have to get as an early birthday present so I can be a true fan. And one of many songs to memorize so that I can sing along.

P.S. - 45 days till June 3rd.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Tri 2XU 300

After a long winter of toughing out the cold & snow and running outside, I'm over it.  It's still winter here in Wyoming and I'm sick of it.  I don't want to do one more cold run.  I don't want to do one more hour on the elliptical.  I'm just want hot sunny days of running in shorts and getting a sun-burn.  Seriously, the thought of a sunburn actually sounds delightful.  Since the sunburn was out of the picture this week & I couldn't handle more winter runs I decided to forget about mileage for the week.  I decided to go ahead and act like a moderate runner instead of an extreme & obsessive runner.  Surprisingly, I actually enjoyed this week's lack of running and switching things up. 

Back in junior high I was on the swim team and wasn't half bad, since then though I've never done a lot of swimming.  2 rounds of lifeguard training are about the extent of it.  So when I climbed in the pool for the first time in a year and started swimming I was pleasantly surprised to discover that I'm not half bad.  Swimming a mile wasn't too daunting and I got faster almost every day I swam.  That right there was enough reason for me to start scoping out the Triathlon realm and pick out an one to compete in this summer.  The Twin Falls Olympic Tri on July 16th was the final choice, that should give me plenty of time to amp up my swimming and buy a road bike (I'm probably gonna need that huh?) 

Along with swimming I decided to try some new circuit workouts and do more lifting. I had forgotten how much I loved my high school weight lifting days.  I had to fight the urge to lift heavy weight at low reps.  It's soooo... exhilarating to blast out a few reps with HUGE dumbbells, but I don't want to bulk.  So, light weight, high reps it was.  The circuit workout I did this week was called "Nightmare 300"  It was killer!  I found it at If you haven't check it out, you got to.  Every single workout is insane.  Anyways I finished all 300 reps in 26 min - ba-boom!!! Fun stuff. 

A few short runs in the Vibrams so I didn't go crazy, and I actually endured another week of winter in Wyoming. Next week better be warmer though because I'm craving a little bit of mileage now.

Along with my workout switch-up, I added recovery tights to my plan.  I LOVE THEM!  Putting them on after a hard workout feels amazing and the definitely makes a difference in recovery time.  Check em out!  2XU Compression Leggings. They're totally worth getting & in my opinion get the leggings, unless you like wearing a girdle.  

Well, it's officially time to get my swim on, last one for the week.  Next week it's back to running!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

back-up, my back-up, my back-up plan!

We arrived at the campground where we would be staying outside of Moab and discovered this little sign....ummm... "Mr, Sign-Maker, Dustless is impossible in Moab, please remove your sign."

I'm displaying my newly bought gluten free wares from inside our lovely itty-bitty cabin

Our tinie (tempah) little cabin.  The town Saloon!

The small "kitchen" area of our cabin.  Very tiny, but cozy...the beds weren't exactly comfy though.

just reliving my childhood

Jadon eating lunch outside while the Tahoe guzzles gas, it was cloudy a lot, so whenever the sun did appear we took advantage of it.

Biting off more than he can chew... this picture makes me laugh out loud :-)

Amazing Moab Rocks

We took a little rock climbing venture the day before the race

my climbing partner

heading back down

there's our town car Tahoe at the bottom

the descent

No, I'm not a member

Coffee shop time, I "pre-race-day" necessity

Jadon's delicious Gelato
just a little extra good luck for race day, Yes, my temporary tattoo applying skills are amazing. 13 year old girls, please contact me if you need assistance.

Waiting for the race to start, freezing in the meantime

Race #

Pre-race pic, still have the tired eyes, it's early

just starting out

Jadon's amazing running photo-op begins

the scenery was incredible

I might be in pain????

Speedster hubby


yep, trail goes right along the edge....eeeekk

good thing I'm sure footed

breather pic

you can see the trail down below as well

and.... THE FINISH! This was a lovely frigid addition to the race
So there it is, our Moab Race.  No we didn't run the Moab Marathon.  There were some complications for that, so this was the back up plan.  The Marathon start time was later (we had to check out of our cabin earlier than that), the weather was 25 degrees with 30 mph winds at the start (not my cup of iced tea) and other's had already opted out of it, the #'s were down to about 50 runners.  Plan B ended up begin a delightful AMASA TRAIL RUN - I was glad we did that and didn't freeze for 26.2 hours.  The back-up plan was a success.  Don't be afraid of those back up plans :-)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


We have a LARGE SIBERIAN HUSKY - Mountie.  I love him to death, but I hate walking him.  He is severely dominant and insists on going where he wants, when he wants, to mark what he wants.  Sadly, when I am on the other end of his leash, I am at his mercy and I get walked more than him.  I dig in my heels, yank on the leash, say, "NO" etc. to no avail.  It ends up being a "drag-fest" till he is worn out and then we actually manage to walk down the street in a respectable manner.  I'm telling you that because I'm having a "dog-walking" week.  I haven't actually walked the dogs 1 time, however I feel like I'm constantly walking them.  This week has been insanely busy and hectic and I feel like I'm just barely holding on, digging in my heels and being dragged all over the place.  I would like to throw up my hands and cry "mercy" but if I let go of that leash I'll lose it all together. 

My only consolation is that we are leaving tomorrow to go to Moab for the Moab Marathon.  I don't even care about the race right now.  I'm just excited to get away from all the busyness and sit in the Tahoe for a few hours and talk to Jadon, listen to music and not have anything dragging me. 

So, I have one more day of "holding on" - here it goes......

Saturday, April 2, 2011

New Shoe Day is like getting a birthday with the aging

Let me preface this blog by assuring you that I do not have multiple personalities. Ok, you can let that breath you've been holding out.....wheeeeeee...

My last blog was about barefoot running and this blog is about the new pair of running shoes I just bought.  Why you ask would I spend $110 on new shoes when I'm working on running barefoot....hmmm...tricky!

The answer - I have a marathon in 1 week and my current shoes - Brooks Defyance 3 - are wasted! No more long runs in them. And since I've only run 1.25 miles at a time in my Vibrams (freaking gorilla looking feet shoes - or lack there of) I can't run the entire marathon in them.  Thus the need for new shoes. 

So instead of tell you the whole story.  I"m going to refer you to my husband's blog because he already did a superior job of it, and if it's not broke, don't fix it! 

Rossisms: Friday, Funday, Runday