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After a long winter of toughing out the cold & snow and running outside, I'm over it.  It's still winter here in Wyoming and I'm sick of it.  I don't want to do one more cold run.  I don't want to do one more hour on the elliptical.  I'm just want hot sunny days of running in shorts and getting a sun-burn.  Seriously, the thought of a sunburn actually sounds delightful.  Since the sunburn was out of the picture this week & I couldn't handle more winter runs I decided to forget about mileage for the week.  I decided to go ahead and act like a moderate runner instead of an extreme & obsessive runner.  Surprisingly, I actually enjoyed this week's lack of running and switching things up. 

Back in junior high I was on the swim team and wasn't half bad, since then though I've never done a lot of swimming.  2 rounds of lifeguard training are about the extent of it.  So when I climbed in the pool for the first time in a year and started swimming I was pleasantly surprised to discover that I'm not half bad.  Swimming a mile wasn't too daunting and I got faster almost every day I swam.  That right there was enough reason for me to start scoping out the Triathlon realm and pick out an one to compete in this summer.  The Twin Falls Olympic Tri on July 16th was the final choice, that should give me plenty of time to amp up my swimming and buy a road bike (I'm probably gonna need that huh?) 

Along with swimming I decided to try some new circuit workouts and do more lifting. I had forgotten how much I loved my high school weight lifting days.  I had to fight the urge to lift heavy weight at low reps.  It's soooo... exhilarating to blast out a few reps with HUGE dumbbells, but I don't want to bulk.  So, light weight, high reps it was.  The circuit workout I did this week was called "Nightmare 300"  It was killer!  I found it at If you haven't check it out, you got to.  Every single workout is insane.  Anyways I finished all 300 reps in 26 min - ba-boom!!! Fun stuff. 

A few short runs in the Vibrams so I didn't go crazy, and I actually endured another week of winter in Wyoming. Next week better be warmer though because I'm craving a little bit of mileage now.

Along with my workout switch-up, I added recovery tights to my plan.  I LOVE THEM!  Putting them on after a hard workout feels amazing and the definitely makes a difference in recovery time.  Check em out!  2XU Compression Leggings. They're totally worth getting & in my opinion get the leggings, unless you like wearing a girdle.  

Well, it's officially time to get my swim on, last one for the week.  Next week it's back to running!


  1. Good for you, girl! You are tough! I wish that I was good in the pool. I never really learned and although I could save myself, I do not feel comfortable at all. That's a goal of mine someday! Adult swimming lessons will be in my future!

  2. oh bodyrock is freakin awesome!!! AndI wish I was good in the pool. I need to get back in there first, ha!

  3. I'm currently giving my husband and some clients "adult swimming lessons" - I'm for hire Jen ;-)

    Linsday, when I discovered body rock, I watched the workout videos like a movie, just settled in and ooed and awed about each one. I'm gonna try another one today.

  4. I used to be a good swimmer! I haven't had access to a pool in FOREVER so I'd be curious to try it out again.

    Also: You're from Wyoming? You're my neighbor! :) I'm in Montana. I drove through your state...almost wound up on the side of the road with no gas! haha.

  5. Yep, I guess I am. I didn't know you were in Montana. Running out of gas in WY or MT is bad thing...lots of open space and not many people. I used to go to camp every year in Ekalaka MT while I was growing up. I always loved it. I love your blog too. If I didn't love running so much, I'd definately get into more lifting. I bulk TOO easy though and I notice that when I gain too much muscle weight I run slower - so I try and balance it all out.

    p.s. - your back is RIPPED!!!!!


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