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Hike up Fossil Butte

Jadon and I hiked to the top of Fossil Butte today. It was a blast. We probably cover 7 miles and had a lot fun. Here are some pictures. I have kinesio tape on my knees so that they don't hurt. I'm not trying to start a new trend.

Whirlwind In My Head

My mind is a whirlwind right now. It's been a busy week and it's not slowing down. We leave next Tuesday to go to my cousin's wedding in Missouri and then stop and see Jadon's family on the way home. With everything coming up life seems crazy. So.....I thought I'd share some of the insanity with the rest of you. Here are a few of the random yet pressing thoughts:
Why are the roofers so slow? I wonder if they'll clean up the mess or will I come home from the wedding with a trashed yard? I need to paint my nails before the wedding. What should I get for a shower gift? I Still have to read for small group and Women's Bible Study. Phone calls, phone calls, phone calls. Yeah we're getting another dog. I wonder if Day's Inn charges extra for pets? Gotta send Aaron a birthday card. Almost 26 - wow! I'm not sure if I like it, it's closer to 30. I bet clothes need ironed for Sunday. Gotta finish the Bulletin. What should I make for lun…

Pastor's Retreat in Estes Park

We just got home from the Pastor's Retreat in Estes Park. It was a lot of fun but I'm still so so glad to be back at home. There is something so wonderful about sleeping in your own bed, having a place for everything, and not having a schedule to follow. Jadon already told about a lot of the retreat so I won't bore you with a repeat. Just enjoy a few pictures!

Proud Chaco Owner

I forgot to mention it a few weeks ago but I was given the best gift by my awesome husband. He had to drive down to Salt Lake to visit a lady in our church who was in the hospital there. On his way home he called me and told me that he had a surprise for me. I was thinking he bought me a pastry from Starbucks, or maybe he bought Maya a new collar. I don't know, something simple and easy and still exciting.

Little did I know that he had something bigger for me. Now this might not mean much to some of you but others will sigh. Jadon bought me Chaco's. You're looking at them. They are the best sandals you can buy. Amazing tread, adjustable straps, lifetime warranty, perfect support and pretty cool looking too. I've wanted a pair for years, but didn't think I would ever really own one. Well now I do and I love them! So since I sitting here with them on right now I figured they were blog worthy. Thanks Jadon!

A Tribute To My Mother

It has been way too long since I've entertained ya'll with some blogging. I have to confess that Jadon helped me set up a facebook account and I've been so enthralled with it, that I've neglected my blogging. When I was a kid my mom read me this book about a doll who got her feelings hurt because the little girl she belonged to got a new doll and forgot about her... So in case my blog is feeling left out, here is a little of my time and attention

This blog is really a tribute to my mom in light of mother's day, however it's also an update on my life.

Last ThursdayJadon and I drove to Boise, ID for the Intermountain West District Conference. My Dad is the superintendent so he and my mom were at the conference. I don't really know very many other people in this district so my mom was my buddy while we were there. I couldn't have asked for a better pal.

I'm not a huge fan of sitting through long meettings, presentations or sermons. Nothing against…