Whirlwind In My Head

My mind is a whirlwind right now. It's been a busy week and it's not slowing down. We leave next Tuesday to go to my cousin's wedding in Missouri and then stop and see Jadon's family on the way home. With everything coming up life seems crazy. So.....I thought I'd share some of the insanity with the rest of you. Here are a few of the random yet pressing thoughts:
Why are the roofers so slow? I wonder if they'll clean up the mess or will I come home from the wedding with a trashed yard? I need to paint my nails before the wedding. What should I get for a shower gift? I Still have to read for small group and Women's Bible Study. Phone calls, phone calls, phone calls. Yeah we're getting another dog. I wonder if Day's Inn charges extra for pets? Gotta send Aaron a birthday card. Almost 26 - wow! I'm not sure if I like it, it's closer to 30. I bet clothes need ironed for Sunday. Gotta finish the Bulletin. What should I make for lunch tomorrow.? I wonder what movie is playing this week? I think the dryer stopped, do I really want to fold the clothes tonight? Where do I want to eat for my birthday? And the list continues, but I won't confuse you any more. If you have answers to any of these let me know!


  1. You should have just asked me, I have all the answers for all those!


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