back-up, my back-up, my back-up plan!

We arrived at the campground where we would be staying outside of Moab and discovered this little sign....ummm... "Mr, Sign-Maker, Dustless is impossible in Moab, please remove your sign."

I'm displaying my newly bought gluten free wares from inside our lovely itty-bitty cabin

Our tinie (tempah) little cabin.  The town Saloon!

The small "kitchen" area of our cabin.  Very tiny, but cozy...the beds weren't exactly comfy though.

just reliving my childhood

Jadon eating lunch outside while the Tahoe guzzles gas, it was cloudy a lot, so whenever the sun did appear we took advantage of it.

Biting off more than he can chew... this picture makes me laugh out loud :-)

Amazing Moab Rocks

We took a little rock climbing venture the day before the race

my climbing partner

heading back down

there's our town car Tahoe at the bottom

the descent

No, I'm not a member

Coffee shop time, I "pre-race-day" necessity

Jadon's delicious Gelato
just a little extra good luck for race day, Yes, my temporary tattoo applying skills are amazing. 13 year old girls, please contact me if you need assistance.

Waiting for the race to start, freezing in the meantime

Race #

Pre-race pic, still have the tired eyes, it's early

just starting out

Jadon's amazing running photo-op begins

the scenery was incredible

I might be in pain????

Speedster hubby


yep, trail goes right along the edge....eeeekk

good thing I'm sure footed

breather pic

you can see the trail down below as well

and.... THE FINISH! This was a lovely frigid addition to the race
So there it is, our Moab Race.  No we didn't run the Moab Marathon.  There were some complications for that, so this was the back up plan.  The Marathon start time was later (we had to check out of our cabin earlier than that), the weather was 25 degrees with 30 mph winds at the start (not my cup of iced tea) and other's had already opted out of it, the #'s were down to about 50 runners.  Plan B ended up begin a delightful AMASA TRAIL RUN - I was glad we did that and didn't freeze for 26.2 hours.  The back-up plan was a success.  Don't be afraid of those back up plans :-)


  1. wow! that looks like fun/pain but awesome all the same! congrats on the race, that looks beautiful! ;)

  2. Hey!
    Great to find you/your blog

    you are a runner all the WAY!


  3. this is awesome!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures. good choice!

  4. Moab is SO beautiful!!

    That cabin is

    I read aonther moab report recently- a half marathon- and it was windy for that one too. Brr. You are tough!

    Thanks for finding me!

  5. Diet Chic, thanks! it's totally a race worth doing. I'm a personal trainer, I've loved reading your blog and have recommended it to several clients. Keep up the good work

  6. Anne Marie, thanks! I'm getting ready to sign up for my first Olympic Triathlon and I'm looking forward to reading your blog for some much needed inspiration/advice :-)

  7. Small Town Runner, looking forward to finding your blog. Yay, insanely windy week. I feel sorry for any runners who ran farther than I did in that wind :-)

  8. Lindsay, yes such a better more plus - NO SORE LEGS TODAY :-)

  9. I love your back up plan! You still got to see all the scenery and get in a great run. Those pictures are beautiful! And I love the wet picture at the end. You are a tough chic!


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