Saturday, September 27, 2008

Pinedale Half Marathon and God's Provision

So I'm sitting here pondering what story to tell first. The last two days have been very eventful and I don't even know where to start. Ok, I'll go in order.

On Thursday we went to Rock Springs as I mentioned in my blog - and while we were there God blessed us immensely. The associate Pastor at Rock Springs Evangelical Free Church, Pastor Larry felt God telling him to give us his car. He just bought a truck and so he didn't need his car any more. So he just up and gave us his car. He had no idea that we needed a second vehicle or that we had prayed about it. He was just obedient to God. So now we are the proud and grateful owners of a 1996 Mercury Grand Marquis. God is so amazing. He never ceases to provide and He blesses us far beyond what we ever deserve. Thankyou Pastor Larry and Thankyou Jesus.

So since we have a new vehicle we decided to drive to Pinedale Wyoming for a Half Marathon. No, actually we had already planned that, but we did get to drive the new car.

This morning we left Kemmerer at 5:30 am and drove 2 hours to Pinedale where we ran in our second Half Marathon together. The race started our chilly but it was a clear day and warmed up fast. There were far more hills than I had anticipated but I made it up all of them. The race is right on the edge of the Wind River Mountains where we go backpacking and the view during the entire race was beautiful.

My parents drove up from Rock Springs to cheer us on, count what place we were currently in, give us water and supply trail mix along the way. It was so wonderful to have a cheering squad and I'm glad my mom had trail mix with her. Every other race I have ever run has water and gatorade at every water station and for half-marathons they always have bananas, granola bars and energy packs. But for some reason the only thing this race had was water, so I was thrilled to have some trail mix since I expected to be able to fuel on the run.

We both finished the race exhausted but happy. I finished 6th out of the 46 females and 16 overall (there were 81 runners) Jadon finished well too, but you'll have to read his blog to find out his time.

After the race I got in line for a free massage and let me tell you what - my 20 minute wait was well worth the 5 minute massage I got. It felt incredible, in fact I fell asleep. We stayed and talked with my parents and then had to head home and so we went and ate lunch and then drove up above Pinedal to a scenic outlook. That's what a lot of the pictures are of.

Now we are back in Kemmerer, taking it easy so that we are ready for another big day tommorrow.

Most of the race pictures are still on my mom's camera so I'll post them later!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

It's gonna be a good one!

I'm pumped about today. In about 1 1/2 hours were leaving to go to Rock Springs. We're going to spend time with my family, go to the Bible Instruction course that my dad is teaching, have a Starbucks date, and go to the Chiropractor (whoo--hooo!!!!)

My back has been messed up for quite awhile so I know that gettin a good old chiropractic adjustment is going to feel like coming home.. ahhhhhhh.....

Seeing my family will be wonderful too. I thought when we moved to Kemmerer that we would see them more often but somehow life fills up fast and there is no time to go to Rock Springs. So it will be good to talk with them and laugh with them and catch up on life.

The Bible Instruction course is a college level course that my Dad teaches every 6 years. It's like an Old Testament Survey class and New Testament Survey class combined. I kinda miss school and studying and tests ( i know i'm weird) so this class is going to be a fun challenge to take on.

And then the Starbucks date. Maybe I'm biased because I worked at Starbucks but that's my favorite place for a date. The best coffee, a great pastry and my wonderful husband Jadon - it doesn't get any better.

So I better sign off and get packed so that I can throughly enjoy this day.


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I'm not a green-thumb but I do have a brain

What to write about? Hmmmm..... Let me think.....trees.....I think I'll write about trees. So I'm not a huge fan of trees. In fact when we lived in Iowa I hated them. There was an overabundance and they were more work than they were worth. Now that we live in Wyoming I'll have to admit trees have grown on me some (no pun intended)

There aren't as many out here in the west and the few that do exist seem to have fewer and smaller leaves, which means less raking and more of everything else in life. So, regardless of all of that, my main gribe with trees is really with people.

People who either plant trees or allow them to grow need to seriously evaluate their location. There is a phenomenon that I have observed in Iowa and Wyoming and that is - trees taking over homes. We all know that trees grow yet it seems that the majority of people forget that fact when they plant trees. Home after home after home has some full grown tree that has consumed their front window, front door and is hungrily looking at the rest of their home.

I saw a man bend almost completely in half to dodge his tree as he exited his house. I looked at the trunk of the tree and noticed that it stood only about 4 feet from the house. I thought,

"Bless your heart sir, but that serves you right, you shouldn't have planted a tree that was going to grow - 4 feet from your home. Ironically they grow out as well as up."

So as you grow up and buy a house and plant trees consider the plight of the man who has chronic back problems because an ill-chosen tree planting location.

Monday, September 22, 2008


I don't have a whole lot of time, but I don't want to lose my faithful readers so I figured I better blog real quick.

Here's a few highlights:

actually this is a lowlight - I have an ear infection. This is the third one in 4 months. So once again I'm on antibiotics and I'm hoping that this go around kicks the infection.

On Saturday Jadon and I went to Provo, Utah and watched the Wyoming vs. BYU football game. Wyoming got stomped, but it was still fun. I have to admit that I people watched way more than I football watched. You see all sorts of people at big events like that. Somehow the 6 largest men in the stadium all managed to purchase tickets for seats in the same row. They were in the row right in front of us and it's a wonder they managed to stay on the bleachers for the entire game. That row was busting at the seams. Maybe they were the backup players for BYU or Wyoming.

Yesterday Jadon and I ran 12 miles. We're getting ready for a 1/2 marathon in Pinedale, WY on Saturday. When we started I thought, "I might poop out at mile 8 or 10" but I actually felt better at the end of the run than I did at the begining. I even had energy to spare after the run.

Well that's all the news for today.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Good Reads!

I just started reading a new book and Jadon and I started reading two new devotionals so I figured I'd comment on them in case you want to check them out.

The new book is called "Cries of the Heart" by Ravi Zacharias. I've only made it through half of the first chapter but I can tell that I'm going to enjoy it and get a lot out of it. Ravi Zacharias is a deep thinker and I like that. I like reading something and going WOW! I'll let you know what I learn as I move through the book.

Jadon also bought two new devotional books and they are both wonderful. One is collection of writings by Martin Luther and the other is collection of writing by C.S Lewis.

The devotional for today in the book by C.S. Lewis was about temperance. Lewis said that temperance isn't just not drinking alcohol. He said that temperance involves all of life, it's about doing everything in moderation. We can overindulge in lots of things and let them control us instead of God. It's so true - it reminded me to check myself and make sure that I am temperant in everything. Only God should rule my life. Good thoughts C.S. Lewis!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

What to do with a Sunday Afternoon

I don't know if anyone else can relate but Sundays are wonderful and hard at the same time. Church went great today. There were 40 people in the service, the singing was great, the message was great (go Jadon woo! woo!), I loved seeing everyone and talking before and after the service.... but..... then I'm drained. I always come home after church pumped up and then about 1:30 it all catches up to me and I'm done in.

The thing is that I don't know what to do with myself. If you are a "napper" that's when you take your Sunday afternoon nap, if you are a "football watcher" that's when you watch football. The problem is that I am a "goer" that means that I like to go, go, go. So when I'm completely pooped I don't know what to do with myself.

It actually reminds me of our dog Maya before she lays down to sleep. She paces and paces and acts so agitated and then she collapses on the floor. That's how I feel. I try and do lots of things and none of them really work so I just end up more frustrated and tired.

I used to watch TV and cut coupons on Sunday afternoons. It was mindless and relaxing, and after an hour of that I was ready to go again. But Kemmerer doesn't have a Sunday paper or coupons so I don't know what to do with myself. I'm in the pacing mode, trying to figure out how best to recharge on Sundays in Kemmerer Wyoming.

I'll let you know when I figure it out - your ideas are welcome.

P.S. - I'm not a napper or a football watcher

Friday, September 12, 2008

That shouldn't happen

Have you ever seen those warnings on appliances that say things like, "do not use in the rain" "do not place animals in microwave" "do not toast metal" "do not place clothes in dishwasher" "mower not intended for use on carpet" etc.

There are lots of them and they always make me think, "who would do that?" Those things should be self-explanitory. Like, how stupid do the manufacturers think I am. Well I have something to tell them. It's a warning right back at them and goes like this, "DO NOT ALLOW MICROWAVE TO CONTINUE RUNNING WHILE THE DOOR IS OPEN" How about that?

This morning I went for a run (yeah it was cold) and then drove by the church to say Hi to Jadon. While I was there I decided to make myself some oatmeal to warm up. I used the microwave in the church kitchen to heat it up. When I thought my oatmeal was done I opened the door to take the oatmeal out and low and behold the microwave continued to run. I think it decided to microwave me. I had to unplug the thing to make it turn off.

I thought there was an unspoken rule that microwaves must turn off when the door is open but I guess not. So if you happen to be a microwave manufacturer and you are reading this - PLEASE MAKE THE MICROWAVE STOP WHEN THE DOOR OPENS!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Micro - what? - dermabrasion

The rewards from the Wasatch Woman Run continue. Yesterday I had a message on my phone that said that my name had been drawn from the Wasatch Woman Race and I won a free MICRODERMABRASION from Avanti.

My first thought was, "awesome, something free" Then I realized that I have no idea what Microdermabrasion is. In fact it doesn't sound like something pleasant. Something small and abrasive, that's not exactly my idea of fun even if it is free.

A few different things come to mind when I think of tiny abrasive things - rocks in my shoes, dirt in my eyes, the clock ticking at night, popcorn kernels in my teeth, tapping fingernails during my ACT test, bug bites.... There are a lot of small abrasive things in life and actually all of them have been free. The only difference is that I was never called in advance about any of the other ones, they just happened.

Still not knowing exactly what Microdermabrasion is and not liking the sound of it, I began to ponder it more. Maybe I should be glad that it's micro and not macro. I mean MACROdermabrasion would definately be worse. Things like being hit in the head with a bat, getting hit by a car, being trambled by a mad moose - i don't know. So maybe I should be thankful that I only won the "micro" and not the "macro'. Maybe the slowest person in the race was called about the Macrodermabrasion.

Then I had another thought. Perhaps the "micro" isn't about the size of the abrasion, but about the size of the patient. Maybe if I gained some weight I would qualify for Macrodermabrasion. Maybe there are categories - miniscule, mini, micro, middle, macro, & megamacro.

Considering that all my wondering had gotten my no where I decided to give Avanti a call and find out what exactly I had won. A lady named Lori answered the phone and congratulated me for coming in 2nd in the race, then she explained what I had won. Microdermabrasion is really just like skin exfoliant on steriods. It's like sand paper for your face. Lori said that it wasn't painful and that my skin would feel better and look better afterwards. I felt more at ease about it and I decided to schedule my free appointment. I asked Lori if there was anything I needed to do in preparation for my Microdermabrasion.

She said, "do you tan easily"

I said, "yeah, my face does"

"well" she said, "I need you to stay out of the sun and away from tanning until after your appointment. So if you are going to GOLF, PLAY TENNIS or GO BOATING this weekend make sure and wear sunscreen."

Now wait a second... Lori called me because I my name was drawn from a RUNNING RACE, she knows that I TOOK SECOND, but... when she mentions what activities I might do this weekend where I would be in the sun she lists, GOLF, TENNIS, & BOATING. I don't understand why she didn't say, "well if you go for a run this weekend, wear sunscreen"

So, since I don't golf, I don't own a tennis racket and the water is too cold for much boating I think I'll forgo sunscreen and go for a run!

I hope my Microdermabrasion goes well on Monday!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Miss Wasatch Me Wun And Win Wace

Ok, so I'm not the "MRS.WASATCH WOMAN" but I am "MISS WASATCH WOMAN" A new trend in running is "all women races". I've read about a few of them and thought it would be fun to compete in one. So, I found out about the only one in this part of the country - a 10K race called "Wasatch Woman". I signed up for the race and decided to give the whole "all women" thing a shot.

So yesterday Jadon and I woke up at 4:30 am and drove to Salt Lake City for the race. I'll have to admit when we first got there I thought the amount of estrogen was overwhelming. I wondered what I had gotten myself into. Just imagine 600 ladies decked out in running gear, talking, stretching, jogging in place, and just oozing girliness. Even though I'm a girl I gotta say that an all men race would be far less stressful. A bunch of girls before a race are just excited, talkative, perfumed, overgeared and underdressed balls of anxious energy.

I hope I didn't contribute to that mix in a major way. To me, a female race isn't about running skirts, pink shoes, sports bras and chatting on the run. It's a competition and I wanted to run my best.

It was funny to watch husbands, fathers and other males try to make their way through the throng of woman before the race. It was obvious that some of them would have preferred to do anything else with their Saturday morning. I bet they were thrilled when the race started and they had some peace and quiet for a little while.

At 9:15 the 10K race started. Usually I run with Jadon so I had to try and find a good pace alone this time. I started faster than I normally do and listening to myself breath was disconcerting so I quickly put my headphones in to drown the sound out.

The race course was two loops around the University of Utah campus. Towards the end of the first loop I saw the lead police car up in front of me. There were two other ladies in front of me. I was shocked. Surely that police car wasn't the very front of the race. There had to be more women farther up. But as I gained ground I realized that I really was in third place. At that point in the race I was starting to feel tired, but with the prospect of placing in the race I pushed harder. Jadon ran back and forth across the campus to cheer me on at different points. I'm so glad he did, I needed it to keep going.
At about mile 5 I passed one of the ladies in front of me, now I was in 2nd place. All of a sudden, first place seemed closer and much sweeter. I wanted to pass the girl in front but I also knew I had 1.2 miles left. With only 1/4 mile left I passed the girl in first and sprinted toward the Finish Line. I could hear her breathing down my neck right behind me. The final stretch was a full out sprint between the two of us. At the last second she pulled ahead of me and crossed the finish line. So I came in second place which is why I am "MISS WASATCH WOMAN" and not "MRS. WASATCH WOMAN".

It was an awesome race, and I've never done that well before. I recieved a gift certificate to a running store in Salt Lake and some free stuff from Nike. After the post race celebration Jadon and I spent the rest of the day shopping in Salt Lake. I ended up getting over $100 in free clothes for placing 2nd. It was an incredible day. We even got to eat lunch at my favorite resturant "Ruby Tuesdays" It couldn't have been better.

So... I'll be running again next year and I may just be "MRS WASATCH WOMAN".

Friday, September 5, 2008

Bummer Initials (Seriously)

Since we don't have our own home right now and our computer is still in storage I spend a lot of time at the Kemmerer library. I use the computer there, read there. I'm actually there so often that they should probably either assign me my own desk or start paying me. Anyways, yesterday something pretty funny things happened while I was at the library.

There are 5 computers open to public use. In order to use them you have to go up to the front desk and ask which computer to use. Then the librarian asks for your initials so that she can keep track of how long you have been on the computer.

Well yesterday a very proper, sophisticated gentleman came into the library. He was overdressed for Kemmerer Wyoming. I was suprised to even see someone like him come into the library, especially to use a computer. He looked like the type of guy who should have a top of the line laptop; he should have been carrying a sStarbucks cup and talking on his bluetooth.

Anyways, this gentleman came in and asked the librarian if he could use a computer. The librarian said,
"Sure, you can use #3. What are your initials?"

then above the deafening quiet of the library this guy said, "My initials are B.M."

How ironic, and what a bummer of initials to have. It made me laugh!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Smart Cowboy

  • A cowboy rode his horse up to the saloon
  • All the patrons gawked as they watched the cowboy kiss his horse on the butt before coming in to order a drink
  • The bartender served the cowboy and said, "mind if I ask, why'd ya kiss yer horse on the butt?"
  • The cowboy took a drink and said, "yeah, it's cause I got chapped lips."
  • The bartender asked, "does the manure help them heal?"
  • The cowboy replied, "Nope, but it keeps me from licking them!"

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

National Laughter Month

I think I have an idea. September should be National Laughter Month. I love laughing. I love comedy. I love a good joke. I love watching people trip. I could go on.

So, I'm going to find at least one thing to laugh at every day this month and if I'm not laughing to hard I'll try and post it so that you can have a good chuckle yourself

Here's some good news about laughter:

In two US studies, doctors have found that 15 minutes of laughter a day is good for the vascualr system. They found that the blood flowed more freely in 9 out of 10 people while they were laughing, with average blood flow increasing some 22 percent. The physical benefits of laughing were similar to those people get when exercising, without the aches and pains. But -- we're not off the hook -- doctors say that we should continue to exercise at least three times a week.

So... I have the perfect workout. Put on your running shoes and grap two joke books. I recommend "The Far Side" & "Brevity". Alternate running for 5 minutes with walking and reading a joke from either book. Laugh heartily and then return to jogging. Continue for 30 minutes and TADA! you've had the best and funniest workout ever. An alternative to this is jogging through a city park and watching the people. People are funny I don't care who you are. Just watch and enjoy!

On that note, I think I'll sign off and go for a laughing jog myself.

Tune in tommorrow for a good joke!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

What's up with September?

September is kinda a random month. January is the new year, February is Valentines, March is St. Patrick's day, April is Easter, May is Spring, June-August is Summer and everything that goes with that. October is officially Fall and Halloween, November is Thanksgiving, and Decemeber is Christmas. So what is up with September. Something comes to mind and I feel some sort of emotion when I think of any other month. But with September I draw a blank. It's like ahh....... umm....... well.......... yeah......... it's another month..........

So that being said I think I'll come up with something for September. I know that Jadon has already decided that he is going to blog every day this month. That's something! Maybe he should make that something he does annually and then I'll think... "Oh... September.... that's BLOG MONTH" Or maybe I'll come up with something of my own. Maybe I'll floss everyday in September I don't know yet. I'll keep you posted though. I'll think of something good. It may even catch on with other people. It might turn into a national thing, we'll see. I'll let you know when my brilliant idea arrives!