I'm not a green-thumb but I do have a brain

What to write about? Hmmmm..... Let me think.....trees.....I think I'll write about trees. So I'm not a huge fan of trees. In fact when we lived in Iowa I hated them. There was an overabundance and they were more work than they were worth. Now that we live in Wyoming I'll have to admit trees have grown on me some (no pun intended)

There aren't as many out here in the west and the few that do exist seem to have fewer and smaller leaves, which means less raking and more of everything else in life. So, regardless of all of that, my main gribe with trees is really with people.

People who either plant trees or allow them to grow need to seriously evaluate their location. There is a phenomenon that I have observed in Iowa and Wyoming and that is - trees taking over homes. We all know that trees grow yet it seems that the majority of people forget that fact when they plant trees. Home after home after home has some full grown tree that has consumed their front window, front door and is hungrily looking at the rest of their home.

I saw a man bend almost completely in half to dodge his tree as he exited his house. I looked at the trunk of the tree and noticed that it stood only about 4 feet from the house. I thought,

"Bless your heart sir, but that serves you right, you shouldn't have planted a tree that was going to grow - 4 feet from your home. Ironically they grow out as well as up."

So as you grow up and buy a house and plant trees consider the plight of the man who has chronic back problems because an ill-chosen tree planting location.


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