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Vibrams + Audrey = Joy

Running and I had a little "honey-moon" moment today. "Le'me, le'me sum-up" (that's a quote from the Princess Bride) if you don't know that line, I'm going to assume that you grew up with cable TV and owned more than 5 VHS - just a guess.

But I digress...back to that honey moon moment.  You see I have fallen in love with running.  I never got a ring and there was no ceremony.  But I did get a healthy body, a SANE mind, clarity, joy, energy, passion, perseverance, endurance, and much more.

After I got married, people would say things like, "well, you just wait till the honeymoon phase is over." or  "oh, well you're still in the honeymoon stage" - It always ticked me off! - Did people honestly think I'd care less about my husband in a few months or years...ummm...that's why I married him. I believe I did say, "for better or worse" yes...that rings a bell.

So now back to my running relationship…

There's a First For Everything

I have a FIRST to announce. I'll give you a second to guess what that might be....did she win her FIRST race? (No, I've already done that) is it her FIRST call-back from a Survivor Audition? (No, Jeff Probst obviously doesn't follow my blog yet) was it her FIRST eyebrow wax (nope, I'll be on my 2nd).... ok, give up????

I got a DNF at my race on Saturday. Don't gasp, a DNF (Did Not Finish) is not the same thing as a DD (Dishonorable Discharge). So I'm safe, I'm not in danger of a prison sentence and I will most likely still be able to get a hired if ever I need to. They only damage done was to race record and my ego.

Since it's rude to throw out juicy tidbits like, "I got a DNF" and not follow them up with the rest of the story, here it is.

Jadon and I woke up at 3:50 a.m. on Saturday morning. My feet still hurt some but I was feeling hopeful about the possibility of running the Antelope Island Buffalo Run 25K. After a quick shower and packin…

Coming Out Of Hibernation

Hello! I'm going to go ahead and welcome myself back to this blog, "Welcome back Audrey! Glad you could make it, better late than never!"

Now that the formalities are out of the way; on with business.  When I started my other blog which is dedicated to being a Personal Trainer and not just a "personal" blog, I stopped blogging on this blog (Aud's Odd's)

Well, last night I had the epiphany that every once in a while I might like to just mindlessly chatter away instead of being profound and so I've decided to go ahead and write on both blogs. So here begins segment 2 of "Aud's Odd's"

In case you're unaware I really have issues with March.  I just don't like the month.  It's suppossed to be spring but in Wyoming it's a soggy version of winter.  It's like cold gravy - gag! It's almost the only time all year that the Wyoming sky decides to act like the Mid-West and turn g…