Vibrams + Audrey = Joy

Running and I had a little "honey-moon" moment today. "Le'me, le'me sum-up" (that's a quote from the Princess Bride) if you don't know that line, I'm going to assume that you grew up with cable TV and owned more than 5 VHS - just a guess.

But I digress...back to that honey moon moment.  You see I have fallen in love with running.  I never got a ring and there was no ceremony.  But I did get a healthy body, a SANE mind, clarity, joy, energy, passion, perseverance, endurance, and much more.

After I got married, people would say things like, "well, you just wait till the honeymoon phase is over." or  "oh, well you're still in the honeymoon stage" - It always ticked me off! - Did people honestly think I'd care less about my husband in a few months or years...ummm...that's why I married him. I believe I did say, "for better or worse" yes...that rings a bell.

So now back to my running relationship.  I've always loved it but I've definitely had times of LOVING it and times of DOING IT.  Lately, it's been more of a chore than a joy - winter can do that.  But today, I slipped, no, not slipped - squirmed, tugged, wrestled, my feet into my Vibram Treksports (which I've owned since November but never had an opportunity to try out) and went for a run. 

See full size image
Running felt new and fresh.  I felt alive and at peace.  My foot falls were quiet. It was just me and running.  One of those ahhh... moments.  For that reason it was a honeymoon moment and the fact that I only ran 1.25 miles because it's not wise to go too far too soon in Vibrams, or barefoot.  So it was a short lived special moment that reminded me of why I initially fell in love with running. 


  1. I'm so glad you liked them! It really felt like a running revelation to me! And you are so smart to start slowly! Have fun!

  2. yes, I really believe if I can work into them slowly they may just solve all my typical running injuries. I'm super excited. I've loved running about your "barefoot" running experiences and I'm in awe of how far you run in them...some day...


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