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Anniversaries Analogies

I think society as a whole often looks at life from the wrong perspective. Today Jadon and I are celebrating our third anniversary. Over the past few days I've told people that our anniversary is coming up. Of course they always ask,

"how many years?"

I say "three"

and then the common response is "oh, you're still newly weds, just you wait till your 10th, (or 25th or whatever) of course it's still exciting now, but wait a few years"

And then they give a little chuckle. What a warped response for something that should be a wonderful part of life. Consider the person who goes to the Grand Canyon for the first time and they meet someone who goes there every year. They stand there in awe just soaking it all in and loving it until the old timer next to them says, "yeah, you like it now, but after a few more visits it become pretty mundane and ordinary"

See, I don't think that would actually happen with the Grand …

Turkey Trot

No turkeys were involved and no trotting was involved but..... I now own another T-shirt that says "Turkey Trot"

On Saturday Jadon and I ran in a 1oK Turkey Trot in Smithfield Utah. It's called a Turkey Trot becuase it is close to Thanksgiving and the winner of the race won a Turkey. It was a fun race. The weather was beautiful, the scenery was beautiful and Jadon and I both placed. I came in first in my age division and Jadon came in second in his age divison. We were both pretty excited about that.

That was just the warm up for the rest of this Thanksgiving week. It's going to busy one, and hopefully a fun one. I'll blog about it later and tell you all the details - that is if I survive !

Dentists Cause Pain

I went to the Dentist this morning - when I went I wasn't it pain. I had a tooth that was chipping and I wanted to get it fixed. We'll here I am 3 hours later and I am in pain. All they did was take x-rays and clean my teeth, but now my whole mouth aches. I hate having my teeth cleaning. The scraping, probing, scratching, buffing - it just doesn't feel good. Like nails on a chalkboard - only inside my head. Eeeee....... gives me chills just thinking about it. Hopefully I won't have to do that for at least 10 years cause it's just not worth it.

Two Sickies Sitting in a Tree (you know the rest)

If you read Jadon's Blog you know that he was sick. What he didn't mention is that I was sick too. Not quite as bad, but none the less, I was sick. Yesterday started with me taking care of Jadon because I was feeling better than him; and then ended with Jadon taking care of me because I was the sicker one. - Not a whole lot of fun but somehow the crumminess of being sick with the person you love the most makes you appreciate them and love them even more. I know it sounds weird but misery loves company - especially if it's perfect company!


Open for Business! Ready for Visitors! Grand Opening!

There are lots of ways to say it - the point is.... WE'RE FULLY MOVED INTO OUR NEW HOUSE!!! So, that means that YOU can come and visit and we have somewhere to put you. These are just pictures to spark your interest. You'll have to come in person to see the rest.

Change in Thinking

Have you ever read something that turns the way you think upside down and gives you a completely fresh perspective. It happened this morning.

During my devotions I read that the only thing that will take away the ache of loneliness is worshipping God. God is the only thing that we can be in perpetual awe of, therefore He is the only one who can always bring us past ourselves to something greater. When we worship God we define all other loves by our awe of God, this leads us to reaching out to others and ultimately defining ourselves according to God instead of any other measure.

I don't even know if I explained it in a comprehensible way, and it's even hard for me to totally understand so let me just tell you what I got out of it... ...when I am lonely, the only thing that will cure my aching heart is turning my attention away from myself and onto my wonderful savior. And if as I worship Christ I will be able to see life, love and even myself the way He does.

That's challengi…


God has provided. I know He promises to, and He always does, but it still never ceases to amaze me. Jadon and I have praying and looking and dreaming of a house or apartment of our own since we came to Kemmerer, and nothing has been avaliable. Every single house is way out of our price range and every apartment was being rented.... until last week.

Last Friday a lady in our church moved out of the house she was renting and Jadon I moved in this week. We've been living with another couple for 4 months, so having a place to call our own is huge.

I want to run around the house and sing and dance and just revel in the fact that it is my home and I can do whatever I want to do in it and with it. Ahhh..... it's wonderful.

So praise the Lord - Today is a new day. It's a new month, we have a new home, we're on a new time (No more Daylight Savings) - New is Good!