Change in Thinking

Have you ever read something that turns the way you think upside down and gives you a completely fresh perspective. It happened this morning.

During my devotions I read that the only thing that will take away the ache of loneliness is worshipping God. God is the only thing that we can be in perpetual awe of, therefore He is the only one who can always bring us past ourselves to something greater. When we worship God we define all other loves by our awe of God, this leads us to reaching out to others and ultimately defining ourselves according to God instead of any other measure.

I don't even know if I explained it in a comprehensible way, and it's even hard for me to totally understand so let me just tell you what I got out of it... ...when I am lonely, the only thing that will cure my aching heart is turning my attention away from myself and onto my wonderful savior. And if as I worship Christ I will be able to see life, love and even myself the way He does.

That's challenging to me because loneliness makes me want to curl up in ball of "poor me" and nurse my broken spirit with sad songs of "nobody likes me, everybody hates me" - However I know that doesn't work. I've tried it, I only feel worse.

So,as hard as it is, I know that in every hardship, sadness, loneliness or battle that comes my way I must look to Jesus first - only He truly satisfies, sustains and uplifts.


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