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Three Years Later

Has it seriously been 3 years since I've blogged??? I can honestly say, I think I've been "too busy" to blog for 3 entire years.  That's right...3 years of too much to do.  I'm not saying that's changed today, but I'm making time for this regardless of the ever growing to do list sitting next to me.

In so many ways I feel like I just blogged yesterday.  I'm still sitting at my laptop, headphones in, listening to Hip-Hop as I feels so normal.  However I look down at my belly that's been growing for 36 weeks and realize that actually A LOT has changed.  Here's a quick recap on the past 3 years...if that's even possible.

So my last post was written in Kemmerer Wyoming, where Jadon was the pastor of Valley Evangelical Free Church and I was just getting started as a Personal Trainer.  From Kemmerer we spent a few months in Haviland KS, where Jadon grew up.  We were catching our breath from life while in Haviland. Sometimes you ne…