Three Years Later

Has it seriously been 3 years since I've blogged??? I can honestly say, I think I've been "too busy" to blog for 3 entire years.  That's right...3 years of too much to do.  I'm not saying that's changed today, but I'm making time for this regardless of the ever growing to do list sitting next to me.

In so many ways I feel like I just blogged yesterday.  I'm still sitting at my laptop, headphones in, listening to Hip-Hop as I feels so normal.  However I look down at my belly that's been growing for 36 weeks and realize that actually A LOT has changed.  Here's a quick recap on the past 3 years...if that's even possible.

So my last post was written in Kemmerer Wyoming, where Jadon was the pastor of Valley Evangelical Free Church and I was just getting started as a Personal Trainer.  From Kemmerer we spent a few months in Haviland KS, where Jadon grew up.  We were catching our breath from life while in Haviland. Sometimes you need to do that.  Once our breathing normalized and our heart rate came down we moved to Boise Idaho where Jadon is the Associate Pastor of Meridian Friends Church.  That move brought the most changes.  First, we couldn't keep our 2 wonderful/beautiful/hilarious dogs.  Believe me, I cried many tears over this and occasionally I still do.  I can honestly say, it's the hardest thing I've ever had to do.  Maybe I'll tell you the entire story in a blog someday.  Once in Boise I had to start working full-time to supplement income (remember I mentioned being "too busy").  I started working at Shu's Idaho Running Company and quickly moved from selling running shoes on the floor to manager.  I loved working there!  I was experiencing my dream job.  I was surrounded by running shoes, runners and the running lifestyle ALL DAY!  The perks of shoe and race discounts more than made all the work worth it.

About 2 years into working at Shu's, Jadon and I were surprised with a positive pregnancy test! Actually, I'll confess, it was more like 15 positive pregnancy tests.  What is it in human nature that makes us SO skeptical of the good in life?  Anyways, after forking out more money that Jadon was happy with on the most expensive pregnancy tests; I was finally willing to admit that I was pregnant...that, and the almost instant nauseousness was enough to convince me.  My first trimester was a bizzzzz to say the least.  I was sick, sick, sick (that deserves an entire post as well).  I had to quit working and when the puke cloud finally lifted I decided not to go back to work at Shu's.

Now I'm 36 weeks along and ready for this baby girl to be out of me. I'm tired of peeing every 15 minutes, listening to people's comments about the size of my baby bump, grunting when I bend over to tie my shoes, getting heartburn from foods as mild as bananas and rice, and being tired all the time but unable to sleep. Between long stints of laying in the sun while I crunch through cups of Sonic ice (my biggest prego craving) I'm busy getting the house ready for a baby and building a playlist for labor (instead of a race as usual).

So...that's life at this moment 3 years later!  We've also added a new dog to the Ross family.  Koda is a 1.5 year old Husky/Wolf mix.  I'll tell you more about him later too.

Well, I've got to go chew some Tums and pee and so.... goodbye for now!


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