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Date Night - Episode 2

I know it seems quick but last night was Friday again, which means that Jadon and I attempted to go on another date. "Attempted" is a strange word for a date I know, but wait till you hear the story. So we've heard that there is really beautiful scenic byway that goes to Cokeville Wyoming. It takes about 40 minutes on the highway and so we figured that the scenic route would take about an hour. The plan was to leave Kemmerer at 5:00 and drive to Cokeville the scenic way, take pictures along the way and make it to Cokeville for supper. Then we would enjoy our time there and drive home on the highway. It all started well. We left on time, the weather was beautiful, gas was cheap, it couldn't have been better. We headed out of Kemmerer admiring the beauty, counting antelope along the road and excited about our date plans. All was well until our paved road ended. We were driving out Mercury Grand Marquis and although I believe it has lived in Wyoming it's entire life…

My First Skinning of the Season

So I've never just announced this before but... I love skinning animals, primarily big game animals.
Last night Jadon and I went over to the Brewer's (new Kemmerer friends - and the best kind because they hunt, watch great movies with us and laugh at things that are genuinely funny) and we skinned Dave's Elk. It was already quartered so we got to skin 4 pieces and with an elk that's like skinning four whole deer. So it's a good deal. Anyways, it was really fun because I like that kind of thing. I think I did a pretty decent job too considering I haven't skinned anything for a few years. I'm actually thinking about putting an ad in the paper saying that I'll skin people's deer or elk for a price. Who knows - I could make some good money with all the hunters around here.

Friday means Date Night

Last night, was Friday Night as I'm sure you are well aware since it was Friday where you are living too. Anyhow, for Jadon and I that means "Date Night", which I'm never oppossed to. In Kemmerer our options for a "date night" are a little slimmer than in Carlisle, however sometimes imagination and possiblilites flourish where they are most needed. So after a little thinking we decided to go out to eat at Subway (there are only about 4 choices for restuarants) and then we pulled an old college type date and went for a walk and took pictures. In all honesty it was a complete blast. We had so much fun laughing, talking, freezing and not spending money. It was a wonderful date. Then we ended the evening down with a good movie and a good nights sleep. It was great! I'm looking forward to another exciting Kemmerer date next Friday! This final picture should explain why Jadon got a better night's sleep than me. Maya has started jumping up into b…

New Ventures

My newest venture is joining the Community Choir in Kemmerer. The first practice was on Sunday night. Choir practice is held at the Mormon Church and the majority of the members are mormon, which is a little different to me. If I didn't know any better I would think they were Christians. They are very kind, they open and close practice with prayer they sing some traditional Christian hymns. However I know that they don't believe that Jesus is God and they don't believe in Salvation. It's amazing to me how Satan really does come as an "angel of light". Mormons seem so right yet they are so wrong . Satan doesn't have to elude people with dark, evil, and sinister things. He just has to destort the truth and present it in a desirable form and he's won.
I think the biggest challenge of being a part of the choir is not going to be the music but the people. I hope that they can see something different in me and wonder what it is.

My next to newest…

Good Thoughts!

I try and journal every day and lots of time I write down quotes or thoughts from books I'm reading so that I don't forget them. It becomes a problem however when I want to rewrite the book in my journal because every single sentence is worth remembering. I have to restrain myself or I wouldn't get anywhere in the book and my journal might be considered plagiarism

Anyways I figured since some of the thoughts in this book are so good I should probably dedicate a blog to them. So here are some quotes from "Cries of the Heart" by Ravi Zacharias
"Once we understand that feelings are vital but not foundationalthen we delight in the eternality of God's truth and can endure the temporariness of felt distance" "An expenditure of words without the income of truth leads to spiritual bankrupcy" "When we are faced with disasters, when we are overwhelmed bydarkness, when things seem so dark that we doubt that we are part of the church or pleasing to G…

Eventless, Eventful Week

This has been a very eventful week. It all started on Saturday after our half marathon in Pinedale. The right side of my neck, chest, arm and body started aching. I didn't know why I hurt so bad but decided to see if I felt better in the morning.

On Sunday morning I woke up in pain and I could hardly move my right arm without excruciating pain in my chest and up my neck. Since chest pain isn't something to mess around with, we went into the ER here in Kemmerer.

Since I had just run 13.1 miles the doctor said we could skip the EKG and stress test. After all the normal ER stuff though I found out that I had torn my pectoral muscle and that I had a bad sinus infection. I would never pieced it all together myself. Anyways that was good news considering the things that go through your head when you have chest pain. The doctor sent me home with a list of prescriptions to start taking and instruction to rest and get a massage ( I can handle that)

The rest of the week is kind of …