My First Skinning of the Season

So I've never just announced this before but... I love skinning animals, primarily big game animals.

Last night Jadon and I went over to the Brewer's (new Kemmerer friends - and the best kind because they hunt, watch great movies with us and laugh at things that are genuinely funny) and we skinned Dave's Elk. It was already quartered so we got to skin 4 pieces and with an elk that's like skinning four whole deer. So it's a good deal.

Anyways, it was really fun because I like that kind of thing. I think I did a pretty decent job too considering I haven't skinned anything for a few years. I'm actually thinking about putting an ad in the paper saying that I'll skin people's deer or elk for a price. Who knows - I could make some good money with all the hunters around here.


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