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Blogger Catchup

Brace yourself - this could be like a long-winded rambling preacher. I've got a lot to tell and I haven't even begun to organize my thoughts. So here we go.
Last SaturdayJadon and I flew to Haviland for a 5 day vacation. We flew out of Salt Lake City, had a layover in Denver and then arrived in Witchita at 9 pm Saturday night. Before leaving Salt Lake though we had some time to do some shopping. I've been needing a new pair of running shoes and so we stopped by Salt Lake Running Company to buy a new pair. There were also some sales going on so I got a new pair of running shorts and Jadon got a cold weather running shirt. I used to run in sweats, old tennis shoes and three sweatshirts and I wondered why by body felt so sluggish. It's amazing the difference the right gear can make
So on with my story. We arrived in Haviland and spent the next 3 days with family and friends. We know so many people in Haviland that at some point it always starts to fee…


TO: all parties concerned

The stats of Jadon Andrew Ross were updated today. Please note that he is no longer 25 years old. He has successfully completed another year and is now 26 years old. Please refer to him as 26 for the next 365 days.

Thank you for you care in this matter.

Mrs. Ross

Feelin Pretty Good!!!

Just a quick shout out - I just finished a 10 mile run, my long run for this week. It was a great run and I don't feel any worse for the wear. I'm excited about that. And now to complete this wonderful day we're going to celebrate Jadon's birthday a few days early so that we don't have to pack the gifts when we fly to Haviland. I think I'm just as excited as he is for him to open them. I'll leave the telling of the gifts to him tomorrow. OK - I'm outta here, gotta go make a Birthday Dinner!!!!

Winter can be enjoyed!

If you've ever lived in Iowa or somewhere in the Midwest you know that winters are ENDURED. I spent three winters in Iowa and I know how miserable they are Cold...Gloomy...Gray...Cloudy...Damp...Snowy...YUCKY!!!!! Now you'd think that winter is winter wherever you are, but it's not the case.

Winter in Kemmerer is delightful compared to Carlisle Iowa. The two aren't even on the same radar, because there is such a contrast. Yeah, it's snowed and it's been cold and windy but the blue sky and SUN make all the difference. Winter is bearable if I can see the SUN shining. And it does shine here - more often than not, the sky is blue and the sun is out. Ahhhh.... I love it. And to make it better today it's 40 degrees and clear and I get to run 8 miles in the beauty of it all!!!! Yeah I'm stoked!!!

Isn't it Ironic, don't you think?

Life is so full of irony. Yesterday Jadon had to go and take a "pee-test" to work at the teen center here in Kemmerer and the irony of it is - that yesterday I got a urinary tract infection. Yeah, I'm the one with the problem and he's the one who goes to have his urine tested. Oh well I doubt the drug testing center would have done anything for me anyways. I'm feeling better today though. I ate a whole bag of blueberries yesterday and I've been taking cranberry pills just about every hour. I think it's working but I bet my insides are stained purple.

Jibberish - Jabberish

Yesterday Jadon and I were talking about words that would never "slip out of your mouth" I know I have some pretty normal phrases I say in shock, pain or excitement - you know those words that "slip out" I tend to say things like "buckets" , "buckets of rain water" , "jack-nab" , "whatever" , "get outta here" , "dog poop" - stuff that doesn't really mean anything. Or sometimes I just say a string of syllables that has never been invented before (someone should be paying me for this)

Anyways, the point to all that jibberish is that there are also words that would never "slip out". Words that you always MEAN to say, or words that you NEVER say. A few words that would never slip out of my mouth are: "pianist" , "polygamy", "twitterpated" , "flowers" , "frilly" , "crevasse" , "exacerbate" , "desticate" .

Think about it.…

2008 is History

Yeah, I know it's already the 5th but it's the first time I've gotten on the computer since the New Year so "Belated Happy New Year!"

Just like you don't feel older when you wake up on your birthday, Life doesn't feel any different now that I write 2009 on my checks. However, it's still a mile marker in life, a time to look back at the past year and then look forward to all that is to come. I'm excited about 2009. It's going to be good year. I really don't know what's all in store. It's impossible to figure it out ahead of time. But I know that I am right where God wants me to be so I feel a peace about whatever comes my way.

P.S. one of the best things about the New Year is that it marks the halfway point of winter! Only half still to go!