Feelin Pretty Good!!!

Just a quick shout out - I just finished a 10 mile run, my long run for this week. It was a great run and I don't feel any worse for the wear. I'm excited about that. And now to complete this wonderful day we're going to celebrate Jadon's birthday a few days early so that we don't have to pack the gifts when we fly to Haviland. I think I'm just as excited as he is for him to open them. I'll leave the telling of the gifts to him tomorrow. OK - I'm outta here, gotta go make a Birthday Dinner!!!!


  1. I remember running four miles once but I think I died afterwards! Hahaha! Good job on the 10 miles!!! How long are you guys going to be in Haviland? We will be there the last weekend in January and it would be great to get to see you and Jadon! Have a great trip!


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