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never let it rest, until you good is better and your better is the BEST!"

7 days into doing this detox I can still say "I love it"  I feel better, eat better (that's for sure) and have more energy,  At the same time I 've realized that I've started to slack some in areas, So I've set up some guidelines for myself for the next week. 
1.  If I have  semi-cheat day (treat myself to a Gluten Free Cupcake possibly) then I should consume only fluid meals the next day.
2.  Remember that the "soupier" the soup is, the better. 
3. It take 10-14 days for the intestines to heal so I need to be more patient. 
4. I need to drink a lot more than I do.
5.  Make sure and take "me-time" everyday to relax and destress

Besides just a few rough places I've done well.  Here are some food pictures and then you can be looking forward to 2 race reports in my next blog

I'm finally Official

Forget the whole "Clean Program" deal, I've got more important news....... I'M A CERTIFIED PERSONAL TRAINER!!!! That's right I took my NCSF exam yesterday and PASSED!  I can't tell you have relieved and ecstatic I am. All the hard work I've put into studying and working with clients over the past 18 months has paid off.  Jadon now refers to everything I do or drink or eat as being certified.  I drank a "certified smoothie" this morning, and as soon as I finish writing this I'm going to go for a "certified run"  - yes, he's pretty excited for me too! 

 Yesterday was a great day in general.  Taking my exam meant we had to go to Salt Lake City for the day.  So of course we took advantage of the lower elevation and ran and spent ample time at Whole Foods.
 The exam took a little over 2 hours - which is quite long for my attention span.  By the end of it my brain was fried.  Most of this week has been spent with my head in my PT…

Clean Update!

Thinking that I would blog about my progress EVERY day while doing the Clean Program was a bit over-zealous of me.  In all actuality, I'm more likely to blog about it every other day or maybe even 3x's a week.  I don't how people manage to blog every day.  My life is too busy for that. 

So here is my every other day update on how "detoxing" is treating me.  Day 1 was great, I had lots of energy, no allergies or any other complaints.  On Day 2 however my body said, "what in the world are you doing to me?"  I felt tired & sluggish (which may have had something to do with the pouring rain that lasted all day) My digestive system also decided to quit on me for the day.  It's not used to processing the massive amounts of fiber I'm giving to it and it decided to rebel out of retaliation to the extra workload.  I survived though now on day 3 everything is up and running again - much to my relief :-)  Today I feel like myself only with some EXTRA e…

3 weeks to CLEAN!

 I'm starting something new and exciting today.  I'm starting Alejandro Junger's "Clean Program".  It's a three week  program to detox and restore your body so that your body has the ability to heal itself and function properly.  I read the entire book yesterday and decided today is the day to start.  I've had horrible allergies this year as well as some digestive upsets.  I truly believe that our bodies were designed to heal themselves, and we need to take a ton of medicine to get over allergies, deal with digestive issues, or cope with many other healthy problems.   Alejandro Junger's program is all about fueling your body in the best way possible so that it has the ability to rid itself of toxins.  There are toxins everywhere and it's impossible to avoid all of them, however cutting out the vast majority of them will make a world of difference. 

Some detox programs are very intense and often deplete the body of needed vitamins, minerals and nu…

Representing WY in KS

It feels good to win a race in Wyoming, it feels great to win a race in Utah, & it feels incredible to win a race in Kansas!  I know distance from home has nothing to do with running speed or winning, but for some reason winning on someone else's turf is very satisfying.  I mean we all know it's important to win the Home Game, but, MAN does it feel good to beat someone on their own turf. 

Of course we had to fit a race in during our trip to Kansas, it's just the right thing to do. After searching all race databases we decided that our best option would be to run the "Step Up For SIDS 5K" in Wichita on Saturday.  Patrick agreed to run with Jadon and I even though running hasn't been at the top of his to-do list, (considering his wife just had twins, that makes a ton of sense) 

The race started at 8:30 a.m. at the Cessna Stadium in Wichita, we arrived with plenty of time register, take multiple trips to the restroom (at least I did) and take a few pre-rac…

we all need saving

I'm not someone who usually cries during movies.  However there is one "typical scene" that ALWAYS makes me tear up in a movie.  It's the scene where someone gets saved or rescued.  I'm not sure why but when that happens, I bawl my little eyes out.  I remember sobbing at the end of "Behind Enemy Lines" when  Owen Wilson (I forget the character's name) is rescued.  Here's the movie clip

Maybe somewhere deep inside me I'm wired to wish/dream/desire to be saved.  Subconsciously I relate to feeling lost and alone and desperately needing a Saviour.  Actually I believe all of humanity has this craving to be saved, but often we drown it out with other things (relationships, possessions, status, busyness etc.) 

I believe if we are willing to stop and pay attention to our heart, we will recognize the deep desire for a Saviour.  Tonight I was reading Psalms in "The Message" version and underlining the parts that stood out to me.  I realized…

Haviland Trip To See The Twinsies

I've been home from vacation for 4 days and I still can't seem to get into the swing of every day life. It hasn't helped that I upon arrival home I promptly got sick. All week I've been wanting to blog about the trip, but I've been too sick to even want to type. I think I'm on the tale end of the sickies though and I finally feel up to entering the blog world again. So since being on vacation to see Jadon's family was far more exciting than my current status I'll stop piddling around with boring info about post-trip-blahs.
Jadon and I headed out to Haviland KS (where he grew up) at 2:00 a.m. on Monday morning. Ya, 2:00 a.m. is craziness, but so is trying to fit a 14 hour drive into 1 day. So if we're going for crazy, we'll just go all the way. I actually slept for the first 5 hours of the trip while Jadon tore through more miles than was probably legal. No cop-stops though, so all was well. We made it to Fort Collin by 7:15 a.m. where we stopped…