3 weeks to CLEAN!

I'm starting something new and exciting today.  I'm starting Alejandro Junger's "Clean Program".  It's a three week  program to detox and restore your body so that your body has the ability to heal itself and function properly.  I read the entire book yesterday and decided today is the day to start.  I've had horrible allergies this year as well as some digestive upsets.  I truly believe that our bodies were designed to heal themselves, and we need to take a ton of medicine to get over allergies, deal with digestive issues, or cope with many other healthy problems.   Alejandro Junger's program is all about fueling your body in the best way possible so that it has the ability to rid itself of toxins.  There are toxins everywhere and it's impossible to avoid all of them, however cutting out the vast majority of them will make a world of difference. 

Some detox programs are very intense and often deplete the body of needed vitamins, minerals and nutrients.  The Clean Program however is all about giving the body EVERYTHING it needs and at the same time eliminating toxins so that the body can heal itself.  I love that approach since I'm not about to give up running at the expense of being short on calories or lack energy because I'm depleting my body.

I figured I would document my journey through this program for a few reasons: 1. It will help me keep track of the ways this is benefiting my overall healthy 2. It'll be more fun that way 3. It might help some else. 

I'm may not get a chance to blog about it every day, but I'll do my best.  Here are the basic guidelines of the program.
1. Breakfast - liquid meal
2. Lunch - solid meal
3. Dinner - liquid meal
4. Don't eat anything after dinner.  Dinner and the breakfast the following morning should be 12 hours apart.  This allows your digestive system time to detox and heal
5. Take probiotics every day
6. Eat a balance diet: 55% Carbohydrates, 30% Healthy Fats, 15% Protein
7. Follow an "Elimination Diet" - that means avoid common food allergens (gluten, corn, soy, dairy, eggs, nightshade plants) Avoid caffeine, alcohol, carbonated drinks, sugar & additives. 
8. Get plenty of rest
9. Drink 1 Tablespoon of Olive Oil at night (this keeps things "moving")
10. Drink at 2 qt of water or more each day

See, it's not so bad.  The rough part will be having to cook more (since I'm avoiding food additives and I'm making smoothies and pureed soups) and skipping my morning cup of coffee.  But I'll survive and I believe I'll feel so much better for having endured a few short weeks with no coffee.  Here are few pictures of my yummy food from today. I'm sure I'll never capture it all on camera - Life is too busy for that.

Blackberry Avocado Smoothie - simply incredible, the Avocado makes it SO creamy

Baked Halibut with Zucchini & Olives - fish is hiding somewhere under that pile of zucchini
Cucumber Lemon Water - very refreshing
So far I've felt incredible today. No allergies! Tons of energy! No stomach issues! Great!  I'll let you know tomorrow how I'm faring.  I'm headed out the door for a good workout and lots of sweating - that'll give my detoxing an extra boost. 


  1. Haha too funny, we're both starting new things on the same day =) This sounds like a wholesome detox!! I might incorporate some of this into my diet -- especially that water with lemon and cukes. YUM.


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