Representing WY in KS

It feels good to win a race in Wyoming, it feels great to win a race in Utah, & it feels incredible to win a race in Kansas!  I know distance from home has nothing to do with running speed or winning, but for some reason winning on someone else's turf is very satisfying.  I mean we all know it's important to win the Home Game, but, MAN does it feel good to beat someone on their own turf. 

Of course we had to fit a race in during our trip to Kansas, it's just the right thing to do. After searching all race databases we decided that our best option would be to run the "Step Up For SIDS 5K" in Wichita on Saturday.  Patrick agreed to run with Jadon and I even though running hasn't been at the top of his to-do list, (considering his wife just had twins, that makes a ton of sense) 

The race started at 8:30 a.m. at the Cessna Stadium in Wichita, we arrived with plenty of time register, take multiple trips to the restroom (at least I did) and take a few pre-race pictures. 

Patrick & I

Jadon and I
There were over 150 people there to race as well as many families doing the 1 mile "Memory Walk"  - it made for a full football field and track to warm up at.  Jadon and I did a 1/4 warm-up which I usually never do, but I did want to try and place so I figured I better. 

3 minutes into the race I realized there were no other females to be seen (that's a good thing if you are a girl)  I didn't dare turn around to see if there were any gaining on me, I would just push it hard and hope that no other girls caught up to me. 

Me and all the guys at the front of the race pack

guys are not fans of being passed by a girl but that doesn't stop me

There was one point in the race where the course did a little loop.  We seemed to have time our pace just right with Patrick's pace and we were able to wave in passing

Patrick is one of those runners, take your best guess at which one
I managed to stay in the lead the entire race and beat all the other girls with a 3 minute lead :-) 

Sprinting towards the finish

5K - 20:52 minutes

Jadon finished right behind me, he stayed back a little to take that picture (yes, he's amazing!)  Patrick met his goal and finished in 27 minutes!  It was a great race, flat, plenty of oxygen, winning, what more could a girl ask for?.......Oh, a post-race massage! - that'll complete the package!


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