Clean Update!

Thinking that I would blog about my progress EVERY day while doing the Clean Program was a bit over-zealous of me.  In all actuality, I'm more likely to blog about it every other day or maybe even 3x's a week.  I don't how people manage to blog every day.  My life is too busy for that. 

So here is my every other day update on how "detoxing" is treating me.  Day 1 was great, I had lots of energy, no allergies or any other complaints.  On Day 2 however my body said, "what in the world are you doing to me?"  I felt tired & sluggish (which may have had something to do with the pouring rain that lasted all day) My digestive system also decided to quit on me for the day.  It's not used to processing the massive amounts of fiber I'm giving to it and it decided to rebel out of retaliation to the extra workload.  I survived though now on day 3 everything is up and running again - much to my relief :-)  Today I feel like myself only with some EXTRA energy.  I have no complaints about that.  I've also been insanely thirsty all day.  According to the book that's part of the process, so I've been drinking Lemon Water (shout out to Moncia!!!!!) by the bucket full.  Yesterday I drank 92 oz. of water, that's over 11 cups, you'd think I'd be drowning.  I'm only half way through the day today and I'm already at 54 oz.  Needless to say bottled water is on the grocery list. 

The one change I've made to the program is that I'm eating a small (very small for me) snack before bed.  I typically workout in the morning and so not eating anything past my 6:00 p.m. supper and expecting to be able to run more that 1 mile in the morning is unrealistic.  So since I never actually take a bite of breakfast till around 8:00 a.m., I figure a small snack at 9:00 p.m. won't sabotage the whole program.  It's better to make the program work for me rather than becoming a slave to it and simply ENDURING the 3 weeks. 

Yesterday I started the day with another  Blackberry Avocado Smoothie, only this time I added a scoop of Vega Sport Performance Optimizer. I would attribute my running in the freezing cold rain afterwards to this added boost.  Lunch was  grilled turkey burgers (minus the bun) and  honey glazed butternut squash.  Dinner was a Carrot and Mushroom Bisque.  I actually have no idea what the difference between Bisque and Soup is, but Bisque makes it sound so much more gourmet so I'm going with it.  My "perfect bed-time" snack has been 1 smallish pancake (with some sort of berries added) smothered in Almond Butter.  This hits the spot and I fall asleep content :-)  The hardest part has been figuring out what to snack on between meals if I'm hungry.  Since most grains are no longer an option and dairy is a no-no, I've ended up eating Almond Butter by the spoonful.  I need to make some "Clean-Program-Friendly-Treats", but since I'm too busy to do that till Friday, I'll just continue to keep the spoon by the jar of Almond butter.
I didn't take a picture of anything I ate yesterday but I did manage to remember today.  Here's some of it.
AUD'S CREATION SMOOTHIE: blackberries, peaches, avocado, cinnamon chia pudding, almond milk, ice, stevia

Salad w/ roasted butternut squash, mango, leftover turkey burger and fresh avocado dressing: it was pure delightful salad insanity!

Jadon's salad - he didn't get the memo about dressing going on top of the salad not under all the goodies.
 Dinner is supposed to be split pea soup if I get around to making it.  Well that's all the time I have to write about it now. Bottom line...I'm feeling great and so far I'm super glad I'm doing this.  Now it's off to study for my NCSF Certification Exam, which is tomorrow - YIKES!!! better check out of blog world.


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