I'm finally Official

Forget the whole "Clean Program" deal, I've got more important news....... I'M A CERTIFIED PERSONAL TRAINER!!!! That's right I took my NCSF exam yesterday and PASSED!  I can't tell you have relieved and ecstatic I am. All the hard work I've put into studying and working with clients over the past 18 months has paid off.  Jadon now refers to everything I do or drink or eat as being certified.  I drank a "certified smoothie" this morning, and as soon as I finish writing this I'm going to go for a "certified run"  - yes, he's pretty excited for me too! 

here's the proof - notice: "Satus: Pass"
Yesterday was a great day in general.  Taking my exam meant we had to go to Salt Lake City for the day.  So of course we took advantage of the lower elevation and ran and spent ample time at Whole Foods.

Lunch at Whole Foods - I wish I had their salad bar in my house
The exam took a little over 2 hours - which is quite long for my attention span.  By the end of it my brain was fried.  Most of this week has been spent with my head in my PT Text Book so after 2 hours of intense testing to top it all off I felt zapped. 

Supper was a carton of Butternut Squash soup while we drove home.  I gotta admit, the stuff I make is 10x's better.  But since I was a stove and my food processor this did the trick. 

I decided to throw the "Clean Program" out the window for one evening and treated myself to the most amazing Gluten Free Coffee Cake that I discovered at Whole Foods.  Sorry there's no picture, I was too excited to eat to stop and find the camera.   

I'm back on board with the program today though.  This will be day #5.  In the past 5 days my allergies I've only taken allergy meds 1 time - which is almost unheard of for me; and my stomach has felt better than it has in years.  I'm liking this! 

I have a weeks worth of life to catch up on today since all I did is study all week - later!

p.s. - thank you Whole Foods for large tubs of freshly ground Almond Butter to replenish my supply


  1. You did such a rockstar job in studying and passing! I'm so proud of you! Certified Blog Post!


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