never let it rest, until you good is better and your better is the BEST!"

7 days into doing this detox I can still say "I love it"  I feel better, eat better (that's for sure) and have more energy,  At the same time I 've realized that I've started to slack some in areas, So I've set up some guidelines for myself for the next week. 
1.  If I have  semi-cheat day (treat myself to a Gluten Free Cupcake possibly) then I should consume only fluid meals the next day.
2.  Remember that the "soupier" the soup is, the better. 
3. It take 10-14 days for the intestines to heal so I need to be more patient. 
4. I need to drink a lot more than I do.
5.  Make sure and take "me-time" everyday to relax and destress

Besides just a few rough places I've done well.  Here are some food pictures and then you can be looking forward to 2 race reports in my next blog

at Chilli's waiting for our meal to arrive

Goodies from Eleanor's Bakery - they weren't all for me however I would have enjoyed it if they had been

Mango, Apricot Smoothie - with Jarro Formulas Berry Protein Powder added

name less salad - can't remember where I when I ate this but, any ideas???????


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