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Brace yourself - this could be like a long-winded rambling preacher. I've got a lot to tell and I haven't even begun to organize my thoughts. So here we go.
Last Saturday Jadon and I flew to Haviland for a 5 day vacation. We flew out of Salt Lake City, had a layover in Denver and then arrived in Witchita at 9 pm Saturday night. Before leaving Salt Lake though we had some time to do some shopping. I've been needing a new pair of running shoes and so we stopped by Salt Lake Running Company to buy a new pair. There were also some sales going on so I got a new pair of running shorts and Jadon got a cold weather running shirt. I used to run in sweats, old tennis shoes and three sweatshirts and I wondered why by body felt so sluggish. It's amazing the difference the right gear can make
So on with my story. We arrived in Haviland and spent the next 3 days with family and friends. We know so many people in Haviland that at some point it always starts to feel like I'm scheduling meeting not visiting people I love. I ask myself, how many people can I fit in before lunch and then will I still be up to being social after lunch? It can't be helped though and it was wonderful to see everyone we saw. We stayed with Jadon's parents and got to spend some quality time with them. I got to see Nathaniel and Leann and Amanda and Travis. It was the first time I had seen either of their homes, and I gotta admit Leann and Amanda are both wonderful decorator and housekeepers. We visited with all of Jadon's family in Haviland, Grandpa, Grandma, Jared, Jeannie, Katlin, Karson & Carter.
Tuesday was Jadon's birthday and so we saw Justin and Adam then. I also ran with Adam on the coldest day we were there. I ran 6 frigid miles with Adam next to me saying, "No, I'm not too cold, I feel pretty good" and then when we were done he admitted to being frozen the entire run. Thanks Adam!
On Monday Jadon and were guest speakers in Lois' "Marriage and Family" class. It was such a blast for me to get to share a few of things I've learned in the three years of marriage with some students who are on the brink of marriage.
Wednesday came and it was time to pack up. We rode with Adam to Witchita where we stayed the night with Janeen, Patrick and Micah. I'm so glad we had a little more time that we usually do to spend with them. Aunt Marilyn also came over and it was great to catch up with her too.
Thursday morning we arrived at the airport at 6 a.m. and flew out at 7 a.m. The flight home seemed longer but we still made it back to Salt Lake at 10 a.m. We had shopping to do in Park City and Evanston and then after retrieving Maya from the boarder we drove to Kemmerer.
Friday came way to soon and was busy enough to make up for a week of vacation. Now it's Saturday and I'm still trying to catch up along with Jadon. We're also planning on running 12 miles this afternoon so if I sleep straight through the super bowl, I'm entitled to it.
Ok, that was just my first point in the sermon, but I can see that I've lost you all and you're wondering if you forgot to put the oven on "time bake" - is that roast raw or completely burned? ---- So I'll let you go! You are dismissed!


  1. For the record, most of us are not close to the brink of marriage... Girls are icky still.

  2. i'll agree with patric, girls are still icky.


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