Jibberish - Jabberish

Yesterday Jadon and I were talking about words that would never "slip out of your mouth" I know I have some pretty normal phrases I say in shock, pain or excitement - you know those words that "slip out" I tend to say things like "buckets" , "buckets of rain water" , "jack-nab" , "whatever" , "get outta here" , "dog poop" - stuff that doesn't really mean anything. Or sometimes I just say a string of syllables that has never been invented before (someone should be paying me for this)

Anyways, the point to all that jibberish is that there are also words that would never "slip out". Words that you always MEAN to say, or words that you NEVER say. A few words that would never slip out of my mouth are: "pianist" , "polygamy", "twitterpated" , "flowers" , "frilly" , "crevasse" , "exacerbate" , "desticate" .

Think about it. It shows what words have no relevance in your life and what words are intentional words.

Alright I'm done rambling!!!! Happy?


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