Winter can be enjoyed!

If you've ever lived in Iowa or somewhere in the Midwest you know that winters are ENDURED. I spent three winters in Iowa and I know how miserable they are Cold...Gloomy...Gray...Cloudy...Damp...Snowy...YUCKY!!!!! Now you'd think that winter is winter wherever you are, but it's not the case.

Winter in Kemmerer is delightful compared to Carlisle Iowa. The two aren't even on the same radar, because there is such a contrast. Yeah, it's snowed and it's been cold and windy but the blue sky and SUN make all the difference. Winter is bearable if I can see the SUN shining. And it does shine here - more often than not, the sky is blue and the sun is out. Ahhhh.... I love it. And to make it better today it's 40 degrees and clear and I get to run 8 miles in the beauty of it all!!!! Yeah I'm stoked!!!


  1. ur so right! the bly skys are awesome! and it's so weird for it to be this warm...


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