Friday means Date Night

Last night, was Friday Night as I'm sure you are well aware since it was Friday where you are living too. Anyhow, for Jadon and I that means "Date Night", which I'm never oppossed to.
In Kemmerer our options for a "date night" are a little slimmer than in Carlisle, however sometimes imagination and possiblilites flourish where they are most needed.
So after a little thinking we decided to go out to eat at Subway (there are only about 4 choices for restuarants) and then we pulled an old college type date and went for a walk and took pictures. In all honesty it was a complete blast. We had so much fun laughing, talking, freezing and not spending money. It was a wonderful date. Then we ended the evening down with a good movie and a good nights sleep.
It was great! I'm looking forward to another exciting Kemmerer date next Friday!
This final picture should explain why Jadon got a better night's sleep than me. Maya has started jumping up into bed with us in the middle of the night. Somehow she always ends up on my side. And then in the morning when I get up before Jadon she goes and sleeps on my pillow. The little stinker. She's getting it pretty good! I hope she realizes what a lucky dog she is.


  1. Oh my! That's too funny! We didn't sleep that well last night either since we were at a friend's house and Emma was sleeping with us!

  2. Did Jadon really bring his guitar on the date and try to serenade you?


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