Date Night - Episode 2

I know it seems quick but last night was Friday again, which means that Jadon and I attempted to go on another date. "Attempted" is a strange word for a date I know, but wait till you hear the story.
So we've heard that there is really beautiful scenic byway that goes to Cokeville Wyoming. It takes about 40 minutes on the highway and so we figured that the scenic route would take about an hour. The plan was to leave Kemmerer at 5:00 and drive to Cokeville the scenic way, take pictures along the way and make it to Cokeville for supper. Then we would enjoy our time there and drive home on the highway.
It all started well. We left on time, the weather was beautiful, gas was cheap, it couldn't have been better. We headed out of Kemmerer admiring the beauty, counting antelope along the road and excited about our date plans.
All was well until our paved road ended. We were driving out Mercury Grand Marquis and although I believe it has lived in Wyoming it's entire life, it's still isn't cut out for dirt roads. Nevertheless we continues on, praying that the dirt would end soon. We got farther and farther away from civilization and soon the only other vehicles we saw were large trucks. I'm sure the people we passes wondered what on earth we were doing on that road in our little white car.
Still our hopes were high. We saw three elk, lots of deer, a beaver and scenery continued to amaze us.
All our hopes crashed however when we passed a wooded sign that said "Cokeville - 26 miles" and we turned a corner to see the road covered with snow. Now as much as our car is not made for dirt roads, it's not made for snow 10x's more. So even though we were an hour into our trip we had to turn around, there was nowhere else to go
So reluctantly we turned around and started back down the dirt road to Kemmerer. We were hungry, disappointed and tired of driving.
Still in the middle of our upset we had a hilarious conversation driving home and we managed to make the best of a long drive and a road covered in snow.
Finally at 7:30 we pulled into the "Ham's Fork Grill" in Kemmerer and ordered our long awaited supper. It was good!!!
Next week we'll attempt to either be less adventurous or more informed.
Until then....Farewell???


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