New Ventures

My newest venture is joining the Community Choir in Kemmerer. The first practice was on Sunday night. Choir practice is held at the Mormon Church and the majority of the members are mormon, which is a little different to me. If I didn't know any better I would think they were Christians. They are very kind, they open and close practice with prayer they sing some traditional Christian hymns. However I know that they don't believe that Jesus is God and they don't believe in Salvation. It's amazing to me how Satan really does come as an "angel of light". Mormons seem so right yet they are so wrong . Satan doesn't have to elude people with dark, evil, and sinister things. He just has to destort the truth and present it in a desirable form and he's won.
I think the biggest challenge of being a part of the choir is not going to be the music but the people. I hope that they can see something different in me and wonder what it is.

My next to newest venture is memorizing one verse in every book the Bible. I think I mentioned that Jadon and I are taking a Bible Instruction course in Rock Springs every week. Anyways part of the class is to come up with and do a project that either involves what we are learning or ministry. The first three weeks of class have been an overview of every book of the Bible and so I decided that one of my projects is going to be memorizing one (0r two in some cases) verse for every book of the Bible. I memorized my first verse this morning. So here I go!


  1. you are off to a great start with the verses!

    keep it up...


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