Two Sickies Sitting in a Tree (you know the rest)

If you read Jadon's Blog you know that he was sick. What he didn't mention is that I was sick too. Not quite as bad, but none the less, I was sick. Yesterday started with me taking care of Jadon because I was feeling better than him; and then ended with Jadon taking care of me because I was the sicker one. - Not a whole lot of fun but somehow the crumminess of being sick with the person you love the most makes you appreciate them and love them even more. I know it sounds weird but misery loves company - especially if it's perfect company!


  1. I think I threw up in my mouth a little.

  2. someday patric you will understand. until then too bad for you.
    and i did throw up, just in the toilet and not my mouth.

    thanks for loving me audrey!


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