Anniversaries Analogies

I think society as a whole often looks at life from the wrong perspective. Today Jadon and I are celebrating our third anniversary. Over the past few days I've told people that our anniversary is coming up. Of course they always ask,

"how many years?"

I say "three"

and then the common response is "oh, you're still newly weds, just you wait till your 10th, (or 25th or whatever) of course it's still exciting now, but wait a few years"

And then they give a little chuckle. What a warped response for something that should be a wonderful part of life. Consider the person who goes to the Grand Canyon for the first time and they meet someone who goes there every year. They stand there in awe just soaking it all in and loving it until the old timer next to them says, "yeah, you like it now, but after a few more visits it become pretty mundane and ordinary"

See, I don't think that would actually happen with the Grand Canyon or anything like that, so why does marriage supposedly become boring, mundane and just tolerable.

It's not going to happen for me. I love being married. Yeah, there are always ups and downs but then it rains at the Grand Canyon too. The point is that it doesn't have to get old. I'm celebrating these three years with excitement, thankfulness and exuberance and I'm going to do the same next year, and the next and on and on.


  1. It's so funny that you posted about this because I was just looking at my Mom's frig and she still has your wedding invitation on the side with several others!!! I was trying to remember how long you had been married so that I could figure out how long it had been on Mom's frig! She says she keeps them on there so that she remembers to pray for each couple! Congrats on three wonderful years!!!!!


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