Dentists Cause Pain

I went to the Dentist this morning - when I went I wasn't it pain. I had a tooth that was chipping and I wanted to get it fixed. We'll here I am 3 hours later and I am in pain. All they did was take x-rays and clean my teeth, but now my whole mouth aches. I hate having my teeth cleaning. The scraping, probing, scratching, buffing - it just doesn't feel good. Like nails on a chalkboard - only inside my head. Eeeee....... gives me chills just thinking about it. Hopefully I won't have to do that for at least 10 years cause it's just not worth it.


  1. dude, i love going to the dentists! i look foreword to it. u know how they mail u the little cards tellin u to call then with in the next mounth? i bug my mom that hole mouth to call them lol.


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