Coming Out Of Hibernation

Hello! I'm going to go ahead and welcome myself back to this blog, "Welcome back Audrey! Glad you could make it, better late than never!"

Now that the formalities are out of the way; on with business.  When I started my other blog which is dedicated to being a Personal Trainer and not just a "personal" blog, I stopped blogging on this blog (Aud's Odd's)

Well, last night I had the epiphany that every once in a while I might like to just mindlessly chatter away instead of being profound and so I've decided to go ahead and write on both blogs. So here begins segment 2 of "Aud's Odd's"

In case you're unaware I really have issues with March.  I just don't like the month.  It's suppossed to be spring but in Wyoming it's a soggy version of winter.  It's like cold gravy - gag! It's almost the only time all year that the Wyoming sky decides to act like the Mid-West and turn gray and lifeless.  Also, it's insanely long - as if 4 wks of misery isn't enough; March goes and tacks on an extra week.  Thanks for that March. 

Last year in an effort to make March exciting Jadon signed us up for a trail run on Antelope Island.  In all honesty it was a very nice gesture on his part - Thanks Jadon!  But it turned out to be a very miserable race.  I'd been sick the weeks before and hadn't been able to train farther than 7 miles.  Needless to say a 16 mile intense trail run didn't feel to good on my 7 mile legs.  Oh and then there was the fact that it was freezing and my hands became numb around mile 4 and I could no longer feed myself because my frozen nubs of fingers wouldn't open the darn Lara-Bar wrappers.  Long story short - I ran the last 3 miles fueled by anger at Jadon for ever signing us up for such a miserable race.  But then as life goes in my ridiculous brain, 2 hours later I was telling Jadon that if I trained better I could kill the race next year! - can you say "Glutton for Punishment"? 

So now it's March again and guess what I'm going to do on Saturday.  That's right - Run the 25K Buffallo Run on Antelope Island.  Well, I'm going to attempt to "run" it.  It may end up being a crawl.  Jadon has agreed to carry me or "wheelbarrow" me down hills as well. The reason for the "attempt" to run is because I injured both feet last week.  Yes, BOTH! One would have been alright, I'm pretty good at hopping, but BOTH! Really?  I got/contracted/caught/gained (I'm not sure the right way to say it) Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome in both feet.  In layman terms - I pinched a nerve in each ankle which leads to shooting pain, tingling, and numbness in the feet - lots of fun. How did I go and do that, you ask?  Ummmmm....."how didn't I do it sooner?" is the real question.  I have a real finess for getting injured in the most obscure ways, and it's a wonder this didn't happen 3 years ago. 

Anyhow, the chiropractor adjusted my ankles and said I should be good to run by Saturday if I stay off my feet till then. So, I've followed "doctor's orders" and I've only been swimming this week, which is not much fun.  I detest cold water, clogged ears, and drinking chlorine.  But I've done it anyways, and I might actually be getting better :-) 

Come Saturday, Jadon and I will drive to Antelope Island at 5 a.m, I'll get all geared up go pick up my bib# and act like I've been training hard for this race (ba..ha..ha..ya right) I'll line up at the starting line, tell Jadon I'm going to win, and then start running!  It may be a test of pain tolerance more than anything, which will be entertaining for Jadon since according to him I'm the most funny and witty when I'm irritated and cynical.

So, if you happen to be awake at 10 a.m. on Saturday morning think of me and my 2 numb feet and pray that they magically fix themselves and carry me gracefullys up and over the many hills on Antelope Island.


  1. Good luck on Saturday! I feel the same way about March. Not really spring yet, but I'm sure ready for winter to go away!

  2. how'd it go??? I hope it wasn't too cold.


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