It's gonna be a good one!

I'm pumped about today. In about 1 1/2 hours were leaving to go to Rock Springs. We're going to spend time with my family, go to the Bible Instruction course that my dad is teaching, have a Starbucks date, and go to the Chiropractor (whoo--hooo!!!!)

My back has been messed up for quite awhile so I know that gettin a good old chiropractic adjustment is going to feel like coming home.. ahhhhhhh.....

Seeing my family will be wonderful too. I thought when we moved to Kemmerer that we would see them more often but somehow life fills up fast and there is no time to go to Rock Springs. So it will be good to talk with them and laugh with them and catch up on life.

The Bible Instruction course is a college level course that my Dad teaches every 6 years. It's like an Old Testament Survey class and New Testament Survey class combined. I kinda miss school and studying and tests ( i know i'm weird) so this class is going to be a fun challenge to take on.

And then the Starbucks date. Maybe I'm biased because I worked at Starbucks but that's my favorite place for a date. The best coffee, a great pastry and my wonderful husband Jadon - it doesn't get any better.

So I better sign off and get packed so that I can throughly enjoy this day.



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