Bummer Initials (Seriously)

Since we don't have our own home right now and our computer is still in storage I spend a lot of time at the Kemmerer library. I use the computer there, read there. I'm actually there so often that they should probably either assign me my own desk or start paying me. Anyways, yesterday something pretty funny things happened while I was at the library.

There are 5 computers open to public use. In order to use them you have to go up to the front desk and ask which computer to use. Then the librarian asks for your initials so that she can keep track of how long you have been on the computer.

Well yesterday a very proper, sophisticated gentleman came into the library. He was overdressed for Kemmerer Wyoming. I was suprised to even see someone like him come into the library, especially to use a computer. He looked like the type of guy who should have a top of the line laptop; he should have been carrying a sStarbucks cup and talking on his bluetooth.

Anyways, this gentleman came in and asked the librarian if he could use a computer. The librarian said,
"Sure, you can use #3. What are your initials?"

then above the deafening quiet of the library this guy said, "My initials are B.M."

How ironic, and what a bummer of initials to have. It made me laugh!


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