That shouldn't happen

Have you ever seen those warnings on appliances that say things like, "do not use in the rain" "do not place animals in microwave" "do not toast metal" "do not place clothes in dishwasher" "mower not intended for use on carpet" etc.

There are lots of them and they always make me think, "who would do that?" Those things should be self-explanitory. Like, how stupid do the manufacturers think I am. Well I have something to tell them. It's a warning right back at them and goes like this, "DO NOT ALLOW MICROWAVE TO CONTINUE RUNNING WHILE THE DOOR IS OPEN" How about that?

This morning I went for a run (yeah it was cold) and then drove by the church to say Hi to Jadon. While I was there I decided to make myself some oatmeal to warm up. I used the microwave in the church kitchen to heat it up. When I thought my oatmeal was done I opened the door to take the oatmeal out and low and behold the microwave continued to run. I think it decided to microwave me. I had to unplug the thing to make it turn off.

I thought there was an unspoken rule that microwaves must turn off when the door is open but I guess not. So if you happen to be a microwave manufacturer and you are reading this - PLEASE MAKE THE MICROWAVE STOP WHEN THE DOOR OPENS!


  1. haha i know! i have this straightener that says " to reduce the change of shock, do not use wail bathing" i'm like wtf, who does there hair wail there in the shower?

  2. **chance, not change my bad***

  3. One of my former youth girls took a picture at the Kansas State Fair that said, "Don't feed fingers to the animals." in the petting zoo area!!!! What are people thinking????


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