Pinedale Half Marathon and God's Provision

So I'm sitting here pondering what story to tell first. The last two days have been very eventful and I don't even know where to start. Ok, I'll go in order.

On Thursday we went to Rock Springs as I mentioned in my blog - and while we were there God blessed us immensely. The associate Pastor at Rock Springs Evangelical Free Church, Pastor Larry felt God telling him to give us his car. He just bought a truck and so he didn't need his car any more. So he just up and gave us his car. He had no idea that we needed a second vehicle or that we had prayed about it. He was just obedient to God. So now we are the proud and grateful owners of a 1996 Mercury Grand Marquis. God is so amazing. He never ceases to provide and He blesses us far beyond what we ever deserve. Thankyou Pastor Larry and Thankyou Jesus.

So since we have a new vehicle we decided to drive to Pinedale Wyoming for a Half Marathon. No, actually we had already planned that, but we did get to drive the new car.

This morning we left Kemmerer at 5:30 am and drove 2 hours to Pinedale where we ran in our second Half Marathon together. The race started our chilly but it was a clear day and warmed up fast. There were far more hills than I had anticipated but I made it up all of them. The race is right on the edge of the Wind River Mountains where we go backpacking and the view during the entire race was beautiful.

My parents drove up from Rock Springs to cheer us on, count what place we were currently in, give us water and supply trail mix along the way. It was so wonderful to have a cheering squad and I'm glad my mom had trail mix with her. Every other race I have ever run has water and gatorade at every water station and for half-marathons they always have bananas, granola bars and energy packs. But for some reason the only thing this race had was water, so I was thrilled to have some trail mix since I expected to be able to fuel on the run.

We both finished the race exhausted but happy. I finished 6th out of the 46 females and 16 overall (there were 81 runners) Jadon finished well too, but you'll have to read his blog to find out his time.

After the race I got in line for a free massage and let me tell you what - my 20 minute wait was well worth the 5 minute massage I got. It felt incredible, in fact I fell asleep. We stayed and talked with my parents and then had to head home and so we went and ate lunch and then drove up above Pinedal to a scenic outlook. That's what a lot of the pictures are of.

Now we are back in Kemmerer, taking it easy so that we are ready for another big day tommorrow.

Most of the race pictures are still on my mom's camera so I'll post them later!


  1. i love the picture of you on the car, it's grate. your so pretty <3

    haha and Jadon on the hood makes me laugh, he's such a dork lol XD

  2. Audrey, that is so awesome about the car!!! God knows the little desires of our hearts and the seemingly BIG ones too! Congrats on finishing so great in the marathon!


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