Micro - what? - dermabrasion

The rewards from the Wasatch Woman Run continue. Yesterday I had a message on my phone that said that my name had been drawn from the Wasatch Woman Race and I won a free MICRODERMABRASION from Avanti.

My first thought was, "awesome, something free" Then I realized that I have no idea what Microdermabrasion is. In fact it doesn't sound like something pleasant. Something small and abrasive, that's not exactly my idea of fun even if it is free.

A few different things come to mind when I think of tiny abrasive things - rocks in my shoes, dirt in my eyes, the clock ticking at night, popcorn kernels in my teeth, tapping fingernails during my ACT test, bug bites.... There are a lot of small abrasive things in life and actually all of them have been free. The only difference is that I was never called in advance about any of the other ones, they just happened.

Still not knowing exactly what Microdermabrasion is and not liking the sound of it, I began to ponder it more. Maybe I should be glad that it's micro and not macro. I mean MACROdermabrasion would definately be worse. Things like being hit in the head with a bat, getting hit by a car, being trambled by a mad moose - i don't know. So maybe I should be thankful that I only won the "micro" and not the "macro'. Maybe the slowest person in the race was called about the Macrodermabrasion.

Then I had another thought. Perhaps the "micro" isn't about the size of the abrasion, but about the size of the patient. Maybe if I gained some weight I would qualify for Macrodermabrasion. Maybe there are categories - miniscule, mini, micro, middle, macro, & megamacro.

Considering that all my wondering had gotten my no where I decided to give Avanti a call and find out what exactly I had won. A lady named Lori answered the phone and congratulated me for coming in 2nd in the race, then she explained what I had won. Microdermabrasion is really just like skin exfoliant on steriods. It's like sand paper for your face. Lori said that it wasn't painful and that my skin would feel better and look better afterwards. I felt more at ease about it and I decided to schedule my free appointment. I asked Lori if there was anything I needed to do in preparation for my Microdermabrasion.

She said, "do you tan easily"

I said, "yeah, my face does"

"well" she said, "I need you to stay out of the sun and away from tanning until after your appointment. So if you are going to GOLF, PLAY TENNIS or GO BOATING this weekend make sure and wear sunscreen."

Now wait a second... Lori called me because I my name was drawn from a RUNNING RACE, she knows that I TOOK SECOND, but... when she mentions what activities I might do this weekend where I would be in the sun she lists, GOLF, TENNIS, & BOATING. I don't understand why she didn't say, "well if you go for a run this weekend, wear sunscreen"

So, since I don't golf, I don't own a tennis racket and the water is too cold for much boating I think I'll forgo sunscreen and go for a run!

I hope my Microdermabrasion goes well on Monday!


  1. lol w/e audrey nice cover up.

    are u feeling better now?

    dude, i'm excited i love barlow girl and my mom said she didn't care if i stayed out late so we're good.


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