What's up with September?

September is kinda a random month. January is the new year, February is Valentines, March is St. Patrick's day, April is Easter, May is Spring, June-August is Summer and everything that goes with that. October is officially Fall and Halloween, November is Thanksgiving, and Decemeber is Christmas. So what is up with September. Something comes to mind and I feel some sort of emotion when I think of any other month. But with September I draw a blank. It's like ahh....... umm....... well.......... yeah......... it's another month..........

So that being said I think I'll come up with something for September. I know that Jadon has already decided that he is going to blog every day this month. That's something! Maybe he should make that something he does annually and then I'll think... "Oh... September.... that's BLOG MONTH" Or maybe I'll come up with something of my own. Maybe I'll floss everyday in September I don't know yet. I'll keep you posted though. I'll think of something good. It may even catch on with other people. It might turn into a national thing, we'll see. I'll let you know when my brilliant idea arrives!


  1. september is the official start of football, that's what's up.

  2. that's nothin'. Do we recognize May because Water-Polo starts? No! it's not legit, I'll have to think of something else


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