A Tribute To My Mother

It has been way too long since I've entertained ya'll with some blogging. I have to confess that Jadon helped me set up a facebook account and I've been so enthralled with it, that I've neglected my blogging. When I was a kid my mom read me this book about a doll who got her feelings hurt because the little girl she belonged to got a new doll and forgot about her... So in case my blog is feeling left out, here is a little of my time and attention

This blog is really a tribute to my mom in light of mother's day, however it's also an update on my life.

Last Thursday Jadon and I drove to Boise, ID for the Intermountain West District Conference. My Dad is the superintendent so he and my mom were at the conference. I don't really know very many other people in this district so my mom was my buddy while we were there. I couldn't have asked for a better pal.

I'm not a huge fan of sitting through long meettings, presentations or sermons. Nothing against speakers, I just have a short attention span and an even shorter "sit-still span" After the first session I struggled with paying attention and sitting still. Jadon and I are the youngest couple in the district and I toyed with the idea of living that up and being fidgety and disruptive or acting older than I am and gluing myself to my chair. I opted with the second option because my wonderful mother fulfilled the first option for me. I left to use the restroom during one session and on my way back to my seat my mom blatantly tripped me. NO, I didn't see it coming and I feel all over Jadon. My mom laughed out loud and said, "I thought you would have seen that coming"

I have to admit it was hilarious and I didn't have to worry about being the young disruptive pastor's wife, because I was beat to the punch by a disruptive superintendent's wife (that's my mom).

I love my mom! What fun! She better watch her step though because she has a comeback coming!


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