Proud Chaco Owner

I forgot to mention it a few weeks ago but I was given the best gift by my awesome husband. He had to drive down to Salt Lake to visit a lady in our church who was in the hospital there. On his way home he called me and told me that he had a surprise for me. I was thinking he bought me a pastry from Starbucks, or maybe he bought Maya a new collar. I don't know, something simple and easy and still exciting.

Little did I know that he had something bigger for me. Now this might not mean much to some of you but others will sigh. Jadon bought me Chaco's. You're looking at them. They are the best sandals you can buy. Amazing tread, adjustable straps, lifetime warranty, perfect support and pretty cool looking too. I've wanted a pair for years, but didn't think I would ever really own one. Well now I do and I love them! So since I sitting here with them on right now I figured they were blog worthy. Thanks Jadon!


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