Alanis Morisette shoud sing about Iron & Wine

You know that song "Ironic" my Alanis Morisette; well she's right!  Someone I know very closely used to think the lyrics of that song were, "It's like Reddi-Eggs on your wedding day" instead of "It's like rain, on  your wedding day." - that cracks me up!!!  If Alanis had played her cards better she could have been paid some big bucks to endorse Egg-Beaters....but who would have thought, it figures!

On that note I have my own lyric I want to add to the song.  It goes like this, "It's like getting Iron & Wine Tickets just a few days after you casually mentioned it was a concert you'd LOVE to go to!" (Ya, it's hard to sing, I know.  I tried it a few times)  Alanis, if you can't pull it off I understand.

It's Ironic don't you think that just 2 days ago Jadon and I were listening to Iron & Wine's new album and I said, "Man, I would LOVE to go to his concert"  And then today Jadon announces that we can go see them the night before my birthday!  Since the "birthday timing thing" was obviously a sign, we immediately ordered 2 tickets for June 3rd!   And so now it's ironic that I'm 27 and I'm acting like a 5 year old and counting down the days till my birthday, don't ya think?

Here's the sweet t-shirt I'll have to get as an early birthday present so I can be a true fan. And one of many songs to memorize so that I can sing along.

P.S. - 45 days till June 3rd.


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