my late night laugh-fest

I told you I would post a video of the dogs eating seaweed & here it is!  A picture never does a sunset justice you have to see it in person.  Likewise, a video does not do the hilarity of this justice.  But just go along with me and laugh a little.  Also note my awesome wallpaper.  I know it's amazing but I can't take credit for it.  The landlord had it put in 200 years ago and I just get the pleasure of living with it :-)

p.s. Maya & Mountie are not vegetarian but I'm trying to convert them.  Their current status is Flexitarian.


  1. Too funny! I was shocked you gave them the whole sheet! I figured you just gave them pieces. I honestly can't believe they eat them, I can't eat them. I find them wretchedly nasty. Oh & flexitarian? That's even funnier than the video!


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