scrambling ahead of time so I don't have to catch up later

Cramming a 10 day schedule into 5 days feels a bit like a marathon, and the evening of the day five feels as long as the final 0.2 km.  Tomorrow Jadon and I leave to go to a conference till Saturday.  Then we'll be back home for Sunday and leave early Monday (I'm talking 3:00 a.m. early) to go visit his family in Kansas.

This is supposed to be a vacation but the irony of all vacations is that you have to bust your butt before you leave and then scramble to play catch-up when you arrive back home.  By the time the whole ordeal is over sometimes you feel like you need another vacation.  Hopefully that's not the case with this vacation because there is not another vacation scheduled on the calendar for a LONG time. 

Since this was my marathon week.  I'll give you a glimpse of all 26.2 miles of it.  True to all marathons, some miles were delightful, and some were pure torture. 

Mile 1:  Injinji socks came in the mail :-) I love them!!!

Mile 2: We discovered the brake pads on the Tahoe were non-existent! That ex-nayed driving 1.5 hours to workout with 2 clients. Boo!  :-( 

Mile 3: It's only day 2, but I feel entitled to a breakdown.  I'll leave you to imagine the details of that.

Mile 4: Give myself a pep talk and bust out an article to submit to the local paper for my column.  I hope it's good, it was written in a bit of a haze

Mile 5:  Sleep way too LITTLE & then wake up too EARLY to run.  Spend 15 minutes layering up for the 20 degree temp. Then run 1 measly & miserable mile & realize my head just isn't the right place to be trying to run.  So I spent 15 minutes getting ready, to only run for 1/2 that amount of time - can we say "lack of efficiency"

Mile 6:  It's time to forget everything I have to do and take care of  ME (so I don't go any crazier). That means 2 mugs full of French Press Coffee & 2 hours of reading & journaling.  I felt sane after that. 

Mile 7:  Design a killer workout & then use it to inflict pain on a client (she even pays for this)

Mile 8:  Set out on another morning run, only to discover that my new shoes, Asics Landreths seem to be the cause of my IT band flaring up.  No more Landreths, and time to lay off the running some. 

Mile 9:  Guess I'm headed to the pool.  Swam 3/4 mile ( 27 laps) one day and then swam 1/2 mile for time the next day: 18 laps in 15 minutes (feelin' good about that)

Mile 10:  In desperate need of being "pumped up" - time for a Body Rock workout with Jadon - I did the Nightmare 300 workout in my fastest time to date - 17:19 

Mile 11: 20 minute tanning session - I swore I'd never tan again, but winter has been TOO long and so I broke my word and laid in glorious heat for 20 minutes. 

Mile 12: Scramble to plan ahead for all my clients, I won't be there to torture them so I have to tell them how to torture themselves.

Mile 13:  Half way point - 1 good night's sleep...ahhhh...

Mile 14:  Decide to take both dogs for a run at the same time... Complete chaos.  Their leashes are connected & at one point Maya hog tied Mountie with the leash and the whole scenario made me laugh so hard that I started crying and had to stop running in order to catch my breath. 

Mile 15: Quick trip to Logan to get groceries.  The local grocery store is pricey and has HORRIBLE produce.  We have to make at least one trip a week out of town so that we don't starve. Usually it's Evanston or Park City, but Jadon and I both needed some new scenery

Mile 16: My 2nd "tank-top" run of the year in Logan, it felt glorious

Mile 17: Intense listening to Iron & Wine so that come June 3rd I can sing along to every song

Mile 18: 2 hours of Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace Class.  This happens once a week and every week I dread it.  I'm too ADD to sit through the thing, so I doodle like a 12 year old and make jokes about it to Jadon who is actually paying attention.  It really is great information, I'm just not a "class" kind of person.  Shoot, my first question before going to the theater to see a movie is, "How long is the movie?"  Longer than 2 hours and it's a big FAT NO!

Mile 19:  3 wonderful miles on a dirt trail in the Vibrams.  That's the farthest I gone in them so far and it felt amazing.  I saw lots of elk droppings but no elk, since my eyes had to be glued on the ground, I'm still a little tender footed.

Mile 20:  Jadon and I did speed cleaning.  I hate coming home from a trip to find a dirty house. 

Mile 21:  Major baking fest.  Friends are coming over for games & I'm using it as an opportunity to clean out the fridge.  I swear it's not like leftovers.  It's good stuff: brownies, guacamole, jalapeno poppers, veggies, banana bread, banana ice cream - see I'm treating them good.

Mile 22:  Get side tracked and spend way too much time reading blogs

Mile 23:  Vega Sport comes in the mail! WooHoo!!!

Mile 24: Hair-cut time - 2 hours of mindless talking with the AMAZING guy who cuts my hair.  It's more therapy than it is a hair-cut.

Mile 25:  STUDY STUDY STUDY for my NCFS Certification Exam

Mile 26: Plan, Pack, Plan, Pack, Plan, Pack, Plan, Pack! I hate forgetting something I really want

0.2 Miles left:  I gotta run home and take the Jalapeno Poppers out of the oven before they burn. A fun night with friends, followed by far too little sleep and then my marathon is over and I'M OUTTA HERE!


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