Moving the Boundary

It amazing how circumstances in life cause us to consider things we've never considered before. Before I went to college I never considered hanging all of my clothes to dry. When I wasn't married I never considered which side of the bed I really prefer sleeping on. Moving to Iowa forced me to consider putting twisty-ties on everything in the kitchen. "Stale" isn't a description in Iowa, it a enemy. Only living in Kemmerer, caused me to think of trips to Wal-mart as a date.

All that being said; injuring my knee has caused me to consider more than running. It's hard to admit but this week on more than one occasion I have seriously considered triathlons. Yeah that's swimming, biking and running I know, and I've always been anti "anything but running" However like I mentioned before, our circumstances force us to either widen our options or completely revamp our perspective. So just a little heads up, if I inform you that I've registered for a triathlon, I haven't lost it, I'm still Audrey and I still consider myself a runner, only now I cross-train!



    I saw that article on yahoo and thought of you.


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