First Tanning of the Year

I remember when I was growing up my mom allows let me wear shorts once the temperature reached 50 degrees. I would walk to school in 40 degree weather because my mom knew that the temperature would reach 50 by the time school was out.

When I lived in Iowa I would recall that when it was 50 degrees and think "I was either crazy, My mom was crazy, or I was incredibly warm blooded" 50 degrees in Iowa is still winter coat weather. It's damp and cold and bone chilling.

Well, this week I came to discover that neither my mom nor myself are or were crazy. The past three days the temperature had been between 45 and 55 degrees and I've been wearing shorts and a tank top. In fact I laid out and tanned on all three days. It feels that warm. It's amazing how the high elevation and the dry air make it feel so much warmer. It feels more like 70 than 50 and I'm loving it.

So if you are in Iowa or Missouri or some other overly green, extra damp state - HA! HA! You are all bundled up right now and I'm in shorts and our thermometers read the same!


  1. But the grass is green. I like green grass, even if I have to wear a jacket.

  2. Hahaha, enjoy it for us Audrey! We have been having some great weather too and we got a ton of yard work done yesterday to make room for our new deck. Can't wait to be able to sit out on it!


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