Flash-book Birthday

Consider this blog about my birthday weekend like a "flash-book"  You know those little books you used to make in grade school, here you would draw something at the bottom of every page and then when flipped through it, there was action.  You should be able to scroll down these pictures and feel like you've watched a video of my birthday weekend - well as least to some extent.  Some of it will still be dependent on your own imagination.

I'll give you the key themes to get started - We went to and Iron & Wine Concert, We went for 2 runs, We got Jamba Juice smoothies for breakfast, I got to sit in Starbucks and have "Audrey-Time" will I drank Tazo Tea, We did some shopping, Lunch was as Sage's Cafe....and that's about it.

Are you ready, here it goes, scroll fast.....

See you felt like you were there too huh?  It was a great birtday, Jadon does a good job of letting me do whatever I want to do.  He even went into a Claire's with my to pick out earings.  While we were in there he asked me, "why do they always make these so tiny"  - the answer is, "So that full grown men like yourself are encouraged to stay out" 

Well It's my bed time, I'm tryin to get on a schedul of going to bed early and waking up early so the early morning races I have coming up won't throw me for a loop.


  1. claire's are ridiculously small and overfull of girly trinkets.

  2. Aww looks like such a fun birthday!! :) Lunch looks AMAZING!


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